Prologue: White Beard Arrives!

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Fuschia Village-

10 year old Ace and his 4 year old adoptive sister, Luffy, watched in fear and shock as the cannon ball hurled toward their adoptive older brother, Sabo's small dingy. Luffy was crying as she and Ace watched the horrid events unfold. They almost lost all hope, when suddenly a flash of fire, blue fire, appeared suddenly in front of the helpless young boy. Sabowatched in amazement as a bird like creature, that seemed to be on fire, swiftly flew over him, grabbing him by the shoulder in it's talons, and flew him back to the safety of the shoreline. He was dropped carefully in front of his siblings, immediately tackled by Luffy, who was now sobbing in relief at the fact that her older brother figure was safe and sound. He looked behind him as the bird that had saved his life landed, turning, to the trio's utter amazement, into a tall, blonde man with a tired look in his eyes. Ace nearly had a narcolytic fit, if his sister hadn't sent a small jolting shock through the boys body to keep him awake, as was part of her job in group. The man spared a glance at the children behind him before addressing them,

"You all okay?" he asked, directing the question moret oward Sabo then anything else. Sabo gave a small, grateful smile before nodding in answer,

"Yeah, we're all fine. Thank you for rescueing me." he thanked, being as polite as he possibly could to the strange man. The man gave a nod before turning back around to face the giant ship that had so carelessly tried to kill the poor boy. He glared at it before giving a cocky smirk, as to everyones amazement and shock, several giant ships, all shaped like a whale, surfaced from beneath the ocean. Everyone looked in amazement as the worlds most feared man appeared on the foremost deck of the biggest ship amongst them. The man had a white mustache on his face, and his chest was scared. It was obvious that the man was old, but despite his age, the man all but drowned the surrounding area with a feeling of helpless terror and crushing power. The children though, did not even take notice of the feelings that everyone else was and just stared in wonderment as they all caught the frantic whispers of the surrounding citizens. Makino, the owner of the local bar, quickly approached the children, and immediately hussled them close to her. Luffy, being the ever curious little girl that she was, asked in what was possibly the most innocent voice in the world,

"Hey Makino, who's the old geezer and why is everybody so scared of him?" she asked, completely disregarding the shocked looks she was recieving from most of the assembled people. Makino quickly hushed the girl, silently repremending her before answering,

"Luffy! That is White Beard, he's a dangerous man. I don't think it would be a bright idea to insult the man that could sink this whole island in one second if I were you." she stated worriedly as she watched the events unfold. The man standing infront of the children and the over-protective woman, rolled his eyes at that. He almost face-faulted though when he heard what the little girl said again, her voice drowning in skepticism.

"He doesn't look all that strong, just old! I betcha' I could take him with my hands tied behind my back!" Luffy declared proudly, completely ignoring the others that were gaping at her. She got a knock on the head from Ace, as he sternly repremanded the girl,

"Luffy! Don't insult the man! And definetily don't underestimate anyone, you're only four! Besides, I'm pretty sure that man's the reason Sabo's still here and not at the bottom of the ocean right now. Luffy gave a pout before nodding at her older brother, staying silent as she went back to watching the current happenings. To the three children, it appeared that the people on the ship that had attacked Sabo, were now panicking at having attracted the wrath of the the man known to be closest to One Piece. Said man yelled out with a booming voice,

"All you world nobles better leave or else! This islands MINE now!" he declared with the unquestionable tone of a king. Everybody watched in wonder as the ship tried, key word there: tried, to shoot down the ship. This resulted in the infamous White Beard crew, retaliated. Just before blowing the world noble and his ship to smitherines, he spoke up, a smug look on his face,

"Remember this, I told you before hand to leave this island. It's mine now!"

That fateful day, when White Beard claimed ownership of their home, all the rich people living on the other side of Gray Terminal left Dawn Island, never to be seen again.

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