Chapter 3 Wake me up

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I don't know if your real or fake .

But if i'm dreaming please never let me wake .

It's really to good to be true .

But ether way i know i love you .

Can't open my eyes from this fear .

I don't want to live with out you here .

If i'm awake i never want to sleep .

Your that voice that says it's ok baby make that leap .

Your my air that let's me go .

I must be dreaming this i know .

Cause i'm not worthy of such a sweet guy .

We get guys that make us cry .

We don't deserve real romance .

Girl's like us don't get such a chance .

Guys like you are hard to find .

You deserve a girl thats sweet and kind .

Don't think that i don't want you .

Because that is so untrue .

I just think you deserve much better .

Then a girl that could rep the scarlet letter .

I don't want you to disappear .

Please just let me stay right here .

Even if i never wake again .

I'll go to heaven with a smile then .

I love you in this and the next one too .

My heart will always belong to you .

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