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I beat him...

I mean, of course I beat him. Axel was underestimating my speed at first so of course I had to prove him wrong. Of course I had to show him that I'm more than he thinks I am. Of course I had to do it now, but when Merideth was beating me up, I never did a thing.

I set up the table as Axel came in with the tray of lasagna. He kept staring at me as if I were superhuman and if it were anybody else, I would've knocked their lights out. But this is Axel, this is a... friend?

I'm so unsure of my words now. I haven't had a friend in a long time, I haven't had anybody become this close to me in what's felt like forever. Sometimes I even wonder if Axel is the one who's superhuman, if he's actually real enough to accept me into his life.

I looked up to Axel from my plate to see him looking at me as if I were a puzzle again, and he didn't care of hiding it. I set down my fork and sighed, "What's on your mind Takeridge?"

He continued to stare at me for a few seconds before answering, "I- can- do- wait- how?" He stammered.

I chuckled at his uncertainty in words and shook my head, "Would you like to know now?" I asked warily.

His eyes widened in shock and he nodded his head frantically, "Are you sure?" He asked eagerly.

I bit my lip nervously, "Are you sure?" I challenged.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. I've noticed he does that a lot when he's frustrated or upset about something. It makes him look more dashing and I can never get enough of it-

Woah sis, calm down...

"I'm more than positive if you're doing this willingly," he said softly as he looked at me in the eyes.

I continued to bite my lip and nodded my head, "But let's finish dinner first and I can explain everything to you."

He nodded in understanding and we continued to make small talk throughout dinner. We talked about our favorite boxers, favorite cars, which car has the most power, which car looks the best, we even talked about animals at some point but I don't even know what led us to that conversation.

"I know, but ever since I told Jessica off everybody has been giving me 'looks'," I explained using air quotes.

Axel's face hardened at my statement, "What do you mean 'looks'? Someone has been looking at you? Do you want me to take care of them babe?" He asked defensively.

My heart melted at how he sounded so protective of me. Though, I kind of understood why he was being like this; he did tell everyone to 'not touch or even bat an eye at her' right before he claimed me as his. But what did he even mean when he claimed me as his? Does it just mean that I was his friend or something?

Or something...

I chuckled at him and placed my hand over his clenched fist, small bolts of lighting trailing up my arm at the gesture, "No Takeridge, but everybody has been noticing me a lot more than usual lately," I mumbled.

He looked at me as if I had grown two heads, "What?" I asked defensively.

He scoffed and held my hand in his two large ones, "Babe, are you serious? People have been noticing you because you're fucking beautiful. Nobody expected you to look so goddamn gorgeous and yet you stunned everybody with your sudden confidence and amazing comebacks. Those people have been noticing you more because you're the most breathtaking girl in the whole school! I mean, even that dude Kent told you that you're pretty, but you're not pretty April," he stated with so much pride.

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