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Harry didn't waltz into my life again for the next five days following that conversation.

By the time the fifth day came along I was more than done with his antics, and definitely determined in finding a way to get a hold of him, because I simply refused to let him tell me something like that and then just pretend I didn't exist. I wanted answers, I definitely did, and I wanted them fast - it only made sense, considering the gravity of the things he'd told me.

Unfortunately, though, I didn't have his phone number, mainly because he'd never bothered to call or text me, so I knew that, if I wanted to talk to him, I had to either ask Joel to give me his number or find him. The first one, of course, wasn't an option, because I was sure that Joel would not only have refused, but would've also got pissed about it, considering that he'd told me to stay away from him multiple times.

So I was left with the second option, and I had to find a way to find him. I was a bit lost about it at first, considering I didn't really know him as a person so I didn't know where he usually hung out and stuff like that, but then I realised that, even though I had no idea about that, I certainly knew where he studied.

On that day, for that reason, I exited my last class with every intention of going to look for him. After all, it wasn't really my fault if he hadn't decided to share his phone number with me, so he could've probably expected me to do something like that.

I entered the psychology building - that was the one right next to mine, with some classes in common with mine, hoping that he was there. I had no idea of what his classes were, so I didn't know if he was at uni at all on that day. I only hoped I would've been lucky, because if he was at home I could've given up every hope of finding him.

I found a list of the classrooms hanging on a wall inside and I looked through it, hoping that I would've managed to find something that could've told me where he was, but there was no use. Checking every class definitely wasn't an option, considering that the building had three floors, so I knew that the only other thing I could've done was to ask someone.

I quickly disregarded the option of asking the secretary, knowing that she would've never released personal information about a student without their explicit permission, so I swallowed my pride and decided to stop the first student I came across. Unfortunately, he had no idea of who Harry was, so I found myself back at square one - and in a slightly more awkward situation.

I stopped some more people, trying to pick only ones that could've been third years just like Harry was, and at about the sixth try I finally came across someone that knew who he was, because he'd shared the class that had just ended with him.

Knowing that that was my best lead, I asked him for directions to that classroom, thanking him quickly before walking up the stairs on the other side of the room as quickly as possible.

When I reached that room, I discovered that the door was closed and I sighed, realising that the next class had probably already started, which meant that I was nowhere close to finding him.

I was about to leave when someone got out of the door, and I couldn't help but ask her as well, hoping that she had any idea of where I could've found Harry. After all, if she was leaving just at the start of the class, it probably meant that she'd attended the one before, and was a bit late.

She sent me a puzzled glance in the second I mentioned Harry. "He's inside, talking to the professor" she said before walking away, and I definitely was infinitely glad that I'd decided not to give up so quickly and ask her as well.

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