Chapter 2 Ready

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I found some one that wont run .

Some one that says i'll be there .

We have so much fun .

And i find that i really care .

Some times i think it's all a dream .

No one could care so much for me .

I wish some times you could just be mean .

So it don't hurt when you decide you want to be free .

I don't deserve some one like you .

Your way to special for a girl like me .

I know if i would tell the truth .

I could never leave you be .

You snuck right past all my walls .

None of my defences could keep you out .

And you managed to be there to catch me when i fall .

I want to scream , holler , and shout .

But around you i can't Speak  .

I'm so scared and happy too .

I'm scared cause my future always bin bleak .

But i'm just so hopelesly in love with you too .

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