Chapter 11: Coming Up With a Plan

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The CPUs that were tangled and trapped inside the Anticrystal's prison. Arfoire enjoyed the show. She wanted to just get rid of them already. But the process of the Anticrystal's light was draining their power and life away slowly.

Arfoire let out a laugh.

Arfoire: Once a goddess enters my Anticrystal fields, their energy bleeds away bit by bit. She explained.

Purple Heart: What is it that you want? Who are you?
She said barely moving in the tangles.

Arfoire: The name is Arfoire, girly. I'm here to bring the gospel of chaos to this world and eliminating its bratty rulers should be a good start. She said smiling evily while laughing. That's when the rat himself introduced himself too.

Warechu: And I'm Warechu. Great number three mascot in the world. He said introducing himself. The gothic hag got disappointed because she wanted to talk cocky.

Arfoire: Come on, rat. This is my big scene here. Stop screwing it up.

Warechu: What the cheese, lady! I'm the one who dug up the Anticrystal in that cave in Lastation and in the Leanbox Ocean!
I think I deserve some time in the spotlight too! He said.

Arfoire: Hmph. There wouldn't even be no spotlight for you to hog if I hadn't found the first anticrystal back in Planeptune and may need to remind you that it was none other than Mois who stole it from Lowee's Basilicom. She said as this caught the trapped CPU's attention. Green Heart was the first to speak.

Green Heart: Lowee's Basilicom? You knew?
She looked at Blanc.

Green Heart: Why couldn't you stop her?

White Heart: Don't blame me. I kept it under tight surveillance but the damn thing went missing during the whole kidnapping mess. She said.

Green Heart: If you hadn't kept it secret, we could've help.
She smiled.

White Heart: Sure. In my sight, there were more than one of them! She said angry.

Black Heart realized the situation. She knew what she was talking about.

Black Heart: Then, back in the cave. That's what it was.
She said while she had a flashback of herself when her HDD deactivated weird.

Purple Heart: Did you figure something out?!
She said as her HDD form deactivated itself due to the anticrystal's process.

Neptune: Whoa. My transformation!
She said while the other CPU's HDD forms deactivated themselves. Back to their base form.

Arfoire laughed at the goddesses who changed back.

Arfoire: I told you, your energy would bleed away. You shouldn't act so surprised. But don't worry there's plenty more suffering where that came from.

The four powerless CPUs were getting tighten by the tangles with more pressure and intensity. They were in agony and despair. Vert said something.

Vert: Can't we do something?!
She said worried.

(Back with Iffy and Nepgear)

Nepgear watched the horrible tragedy in her eyes.

Nepgear: No! What happened?!
She said with a heartbreaking voice.

Nepgear: NEPTUNE!!!
She shouted out her name loudly.

Neptune heard her sister call her name.

Neptune: It's Nepgear!

More drones popped up that surrounded IF and Nepgear.

IF: We've got to get out of here!
She said still holding her hand.

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