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Glassy eyes seek something in the darkness. In the noise of everything, they search for shapes resembling life. Neon hands reach across the void of shadows and vibrations with their humming bones. The deeper that gaze travels into the dark, the clearer everything becomes. Glass cracks into the shape of hearts and the outline of souls. Noise falls into the frame of music and words. In all that searching, something is lost along the way.

Circles of light begin to glow and shine along the necks of dancing bodies. Finally, those searching in the dark can see and touch something, but it is nothing worth feeling. When the darkness starts to fade, the thumping muscles and silent heartbeats turn the knobs to change themselves. With every tick, another nerve is shot and another sense is killed.

The darkness can never go away.

The people cannot see themselves.

The noise must never stop.

Life can never start.

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