Chapter 10: Honeymoon

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"I just cannot believe what Edward did! First, he made you mad, then, he made Alice dry sob!" I said.
"Jasper! Alice lied! She said her and Edward were mates but, they're not! Plus, its not his fault if he doesn't love her the way she loves him. He loves her as a sister!"
"I know." I said. "Okay. Lets drop the subject. I mean, its none of our concern!"
"Are you gonna tell me where we're going!?" Bella asked.
"Nope! Its a surprise!"
"You know I don't like surprises!" Bella said.
"I know!" I said. Bella glared at me and I chuckled. "I love you, My Bella!"
"I love you too!" Bella said and leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Ohh! We're having our honeymoon in Rio!?"
"No. Just passing through but, I guess you could say our honeymoon will be on the outskirts of Rio." I said.
"Where?" Bella asked. About a half an hour later I said, "Here we are. Isle Esme. It was a gift to Esme from Carlisle."
"Oh My Gosh! Its so beautiful!"
"Yep. Just like you," I said and kissed Bella. She returned the kiss. We walked into the house and unpacked our things. "Bella, what do you say about...uhh...going for a swim?"
"I'd love to! Wait! Just let me have a minute. I have to call someone."
"Okay my Bella!" I said and walked outside and onto the beach.
Jasper asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. I said yes. He walked outside and got undressed and walked into the ocean. I had to call someone.
I dialed the number. "Hello?" Esme asked.
"Esme, hi. We made it. Can you ask Alice if she's okay?"
"Oh. She's OK sweetie. We straightened everything out once you two left. It's just taking Edward some time to get used to his mate being Alice."
"OK. Talk with you later." I said and the line ended. I walked outside to see Jasper already in the water. I walked up, took my towel off and walked into the cold water. I started swimming up to Jasper. "Hey." Jazz said.
"Hi Jazz." I said. "This is so beautiful!"
"Yup. Just like you!" Jazz said and kissed me with passion and I kissed him back. I broke the kiss so I could breath. "Wanna go back?" I asked and Jasper nodded and so, we went back to the house.
Once we got showered, we laid by each other.
Jasper turned to look at me, "Bells, darling, I love you!"
"Oh Jazz! I love you too!" I said and he kissed me and I returned the kiss.
"Goodnight Bella," Jasper said.
"Night Jazz!"

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