Chapter 12

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Warning: there are suicidal thoughts and actions here so if that ain't your thing do not read.
As I opened the door to the dorms I could here running and ... Dolphins? Anyway I opened the door and saw the SKZ on the couch just chilin. "Long day?" I asked putting my bag on the table. That all replied with a yes and I nodded my head and went inside my shared room with Woojin and the others.
In the room...
"Shut up!" I said as the voice in my head, Daehwi, kept telling me to kill myself. "P-p-please just s-s-stop " I said as I kept knocking the things in my way to the ground.
Woojin pov
I heard noise from the room. At first I thought it was just some kdrama my sis was watching but then I heard her screaming. I ran to the room with the Aussie line following behind me. The others went grocery shopping. I opened the door to see (y/n) with a knife in hand about to cut herself. Shit
Your pov
I looked at the three males infront of me. I started to cry." I'm sorry " I said with a shaken breath. " I'm sorry for excisting . I should have died. I should have jumped when I had the ch-" I was cut off by Felix. " Wtf are you talking about? You are a beautiful person. I won't let you die or commit any form of suicide." "Why do you care so much! I said still crying " why-" I was cut of by his lips." Well give you some privacy " Woojin said pushing chan out the door. " I've liked you since the day you arrived. I love you. Will you be mine?" He said. I nodded and we kissed. It was a very long kiss which turned into a make out session. We both pulled away and Felix smirked. " I have to let the guys know that your mine" he said pushing me down to the bed. He started sucking on my neck leaving marks. I let out an Accidental moan. He just smirked and laid down next to me. And with that we fell asleep
Woojin pov
The guys came and I told them what happened. We entered the room and saw the lovebirds sleeping together. "Are those hickies?" I whisper yelled." Oof someone's gonna get it" I heard Han say. " looks like Changbin is single . " Han said nudging him. " I'll just go with Hyunjin" he said. " no he is mine." Seungmin said. "Sorry but I choose IN "he said giving IN a back hug . Oof rejected. They left the room and everyone went to bed( except 3racha cuz they work so hard😭)
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 Here is a pick of Wonyoung for y'all

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