Chapter 1 {A}

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[part 1]

Luo An Hai would have never imagined that one day she would witness her own funeral.

She recalled being on the flight to England with a proposal for a business collaboration. As long as she succeeded, the company director would side with her and the position of the Luo Corporation president would have been hers.

Everything had been in her grasp, she was certain she would win, yet who knew that at the very last step, she would encounter something like a plane crash!

In her last moments, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Having slaved for 10 years, she had finally reached her goal, only to fall short at the final hurdle.

She had struggled for so long, desperately holding onto her position in the Luo family, desperately holding onto everything, not letting anyone take what was rightfully hers – especially that pair of mother and son!

She had vowed to herself that in this lifetime, she would never let that mother and son live well, and that things would never go as they planned. Yet right as she was about to succeed, she had been thwarted by a plane!

She couldn’t accept it – the instant the plane had crashed, Luo An Hai’s heart had been filled with resentment and indignation.

Then, once she regained conscious, she was actually floating mid-air, while her funeral was being held right below.

She saw her father trembling before her grave, his head full of white hair, his face aged and haggard…. Leaving Luo An Hai shocked.

She hadn’t seen her father for a long time, how could he have aged so much since then?

Since the day he had invited that mother and son to their home, the feelings between father and daughter had fallen to sub zero temperatures. She had stopped calling him father and always opposed him, always showing him an obstinate and unruly attitude, not leaving any of them in peace. Only seeing their angered expressions could she feel relieved, since she couldn’t do anything for her mother.

Her mother had only truly loved one man, and despite knowing this man had only married her for financial assistance, she still had no regrets and devoted everything. Yet it ultimately led to a life of loneliness, bitter to the end.

Yet what Luo An Hai was truly unable to accept, was that less than 3 months after her mother had passed away, her father had actually married another woman!

No, more accurately, even when her mother was still alive, the two of them had secretly carried out an affair and her father had even wanted to divorce her mother, but her mother had firmly refused. Finally, her father had stormed out, returning to the home he shared with that mother and son. Facing her father’s ruthlessness, her mother had spent every day filled with despair, her originally weak health worsening each day, before dying at a young age.

This is all that woman’s fault!

Luo An Hai glares hatefully at the woman supporting her father. Seeing the grieving expression on that woman’s face, she scoffs, eyes filled with disdain.

Like she could believe that sorrowful expression was real, she was merely disgusted by the hypocrisy.

Towards that woman, she had never shown a good expression, and was always cold and scornful. Just seeing that woman’s face, her heart would be full of hatred, since her mother’s suffering had paid for that woman’s happiness!

Nothing about that common woman could match her mother, whether it was family background or appearance. Yet her father only had that woman in his heart. Even though that woman had already married and even had a child by her side, her father would still think of her and neglect her mother. After marrying her in, he cherished her even more, even taking in her child as his own and treating him better than his own blood-related daughter.

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