demon blood

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Clary has just passed out. I need to heel her. I grabbed my stele and activated her iratze rune, but she was to weak to respond." Shit!"  As I was trying to help her i felt someone runing to me. I thought it was Jonathan, so I quickly turned around and pointed a seraph blade. I almost cutted Alec.

" I'm so sorry Alec, I bursted into tears and got up. "Are you crying because you almost cut me?" he grined. "No, " I said sobbing and moved a little so Alec could se the real reason why I was crying. "CLARYY" I heard someone scream
"Omg Jace, what did you do to her?" it was Izzy
"What did I do to her, you were supposed to take care of her and get her out of the Institute." I stormed at Izzy while picking up Clary from the floor.
"This is NOT Izzys fault!" Alec screamed at me
"This IS YOUR FAULT, Jace. You left her, because your ego had to defeat Jonathan. And guess what you haven't and now Clary might not survive, babies might not survive." Alec said while we were running out of the Insitute.
"I called Simon, he will take us to the Infirmary in Washington." Izzy said softly
"To Washington?!" i yelled
"Yes Jace, to Wahington" Alec said while we were putting Clary on the back seat " that is the closest Infirmary that isn't under attack."

I laid Clarys head on my leap and ran my fingers through her red hair. I felt a tear come out of my eye. She was breathing. About 10 minutes later we arrived in Washington. We bursted into the Institute and asked for help. They led us to the Infirmary. I carried Clary along the way. I swear I'm never EVER letting her go ever again. I will never leave her. The nurses in the Infirmary did everything they could to keep her alive for the next few days. We only knew that she was breathing. We didn't know how are the babies nor the fact when will she wake up. I prayed every minute, I prayed to the Angels that she will be alright. I couldn't loose her. It would be the end of my life.

About 2 weeks had passed and she still hasn't woken up. Alec and Izzy were mad at me for leaving her alone in the fight so when they came, every 2 days, they would look me dead in the eye and just go to Clary. If it were up to them they would take back to NYC but the nurse said it was risky to get her off the machines. So I didn't allow that. When 4 days have passed I remembered a thing Clary told me:
" I always hugged you hoping you would wake up. And you woke up when I was hugging you. That was the best moment of my life."
So I did it. I hugged her all the time. And she woke up when I was hugging her. She softly touched my arm and said:
" It's not your fault, love."
I started crying " You are okay. You are alive. I thought I lost you. It has been 2 weeks I almost lost hope."
"Don't you dare ever, lose hope. Got it?" she looked at me
"From now on, I promise I won't, love." I said and pulled her into a kiss.

The nurse called Izzy and Alec. They came in and littearly ran to Clarys bed. Izzy hugged her tight.
"It felt like you were dead, Clary. I-I couldn't feel you." Izzy said sobbing
"I know, I know, shhhh, I'm fine now okay?" Clary said while letting go of the hug.
Than Alec hugged her.
"Don't you dare ever do this to me, Fray. I can't loose my best friend. I would be even more salty." he said playfuly
"Ohh I bet" she said laughing.

The nurse came in :"So the good news is that the babies survived, the bad, one of them has a demon injury which affected her blood a bit. Not much, as I said they will be fine, but demon babies hurt you more while they kick and while you will be giving birth."
Clary gasped and started crying. I hugged her and  grabbed her hand.
"Which baby is it?"she asked wiping her tears away
"The smaller one." she said in confusion
"Omg" Clary said and bursted into tears." Why Eve, why us? Jace please tell me she is lying! Noo why my little Eve?"
"I wish I could, babe, but she isn't. And it's my fault." I said while I slowly started to cry

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