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Sophia's POV
I fell to the ground as they ran back into the forest. I lifted my shaky hands and stared at them.

"Hey Soph thank you for sticking up for me," Jacob says. I felt like a monster. I could've killed her.

Titus picked me up and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I sob into his shoulder while he brings us back to the house. He sits on the couch but I still stay wrapped around his body.

"I'm so scared," I whisper to him. He rubs his hand up and down my back trying to soothe me but tears welled up in my eyes.

"I'll always be there to protect you baby," he says kissing my temple. My mind raced down f memories of the few months I was in that torture cell. I felt my throat close and I began to sob uncontrollably.

"Hey, Hey Sophia you need to breath through your nose," Titus says as I sit up and my chest begins to heave up and down. I breathing became raspy as I thought about what would happen if I go back there.

"You're not going back there. I promise I'll do whatever it takes to protect you," he says as I kept taking short, deep breaths. I stuck my head in the crook of his neck and take in a deep breath of his scent. I relaxed in his arms but stayed in that position letting his scent take over me.

"You promise?" I ask him in a small whisper. He nods and I close my eyes and fall asleep in his arms.

4 months in
"Get up bitch," The man growled. He was a new person that came in a few days ago. I lifted my head weakly, pulling myself up from the chains.

He held up a metal rod with a flat edge at the end. In his other hand, he held a blowtorch up to the flat end and heated it up. The metal became red and became smoky. He threw the blowtorch to the ground and held the rod up to my shoulder. As the heated metal made contact with my skin, I let out a piercing scream of agony.

He lifted the rod off of my burning skin and I saw a burn mark of scratch marks on top of my birthmark. I stared at it as it slowly started to fade. With my wolf constantly being pumped with silver and wolfsbane, she still is stronger than she should be. My body on the other hand was becoming weak.

"Damn it," he screams me as he throws the rod at me. It barely missing my head.

"Baby you need to wake up," Titus says shaking me. His voice pulls me out of the memory of when I was kidnapped. I sit up and Titus wraps his arms around me.

"Hey it's okay you're not there anymore, you're here with me," he coos. I nod and wipe the tears forming in my eyes.

"Look in a few days, it marks the third month you've been with us," he says. "Which means-"

"My heat will be coming soon," I say finishing his sentence. He nods confirming my sentence.

"Also a week after that, the annual Alpha meeting is coming up," he says. I sigh and lay back down on the bed.

"Tomorrow we'll leave to my cabin just at the edge of the border. Brody will watch over the pack while we're away and we can stay there for a week," he says. I nod and keep my gaze at the ceiling.

"Wait tomorrow?" I say sitting up. He nods and groan.

"That means I have to pack and find someone to watch Tala," I complain.

"Well Jacob will watch over Tala all week and I already packed for you," he smiled, pointing at the suitcase in the corner of my room. I give him a smile and look out the window.

"We leave 7AM tomorrow," he says. It was already 9PM and I wanted to call my brother.

"Can I call my brother for a few minutes?" I ask Titus. He nods and walks out the door and I take out my phone and dial his number. It rang twice then he picked up.

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