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(Hahaha, Joke mga vaklaa!!)

Jungkook POV
It's been 3 weeks and Lisa is not going home, I try to call her up but she didn't even answer it, she missed my call for 430 calls.

Even she's not here, the hospital is still good. Hmm, maybe Jennie and Lisa is spending some more time, ughh I'm so brilliant.

Even its hurts, I don't care, I just want Lisa to be happy, ughhh the hospital is too boring like how boring Lisa is.

How did she buy this hospital, I know she don't like boring things, and she buy this, ughh what an idiot.

"I hope they are okay."

Jennie POV
We're at the carnival and I'm with the naughty Lisa. She's making fun of me, ugh.

"It suits you." she said while bursting her laughing.

"Stop making fun of me Lisayah!." I said and she's still laughing.

All of the people here in carnival are looking at me, and this is too embarrassing.

"Why did you choose this chicken outfit, its make me feel embarrassed." I shyly said.

"You don't care, and you lose at our bet, so wear that for 2 weeks." she seriously said and laugh again.

"Aish." I said and we went to a near restaurant.

We enter to that restaurant and she treat me a food as always.

When the food arrive, her phone rang, and she just ignore it.

"Why don't you answer it?." I said while eating.

"It's not important." she said and she laugh at me.

"What's funny?." I irritatingly asked.

"When I'm always looking at you, my tummy hurts, because your hilarious." she said while laughing.

"It's not funny at all Lisa." I said she look at me and stop laughing.

"Okay, I'm sorry." she said and when we're finish we go out to the restaurant.

~Time Skipped~

It's getting dark now, and Lisa suggest to go home.

"Are you having fun?." I asked.

"Of course." she said while driving.

"BTW, when we're going back to New Zealand?." I asked.

"I don't know, but Jungkook is taking care of the hospital, so It's good." she said.

"Ohhh, BTW my dad business is getting up now." I said and she smiled.

"Good." she said.

~Time Skipped~

When we got home, Lisa carry me like a bridal style and she put me on my bed.

"Good Night Lisayah."

Lisa POV
Kook always calling me for many times, and I just ignoring it, I just want to spend my time here in Seoul with Jennie, isn't bad right?.

I went to my bed and I pick my phone, I open my social media.

-At my Social Media

-Lalisa Manoban is Missing For Many Years.

-Damn I miss my girl now, she's not even uploading picture on her ig.

I close my phone and I put it in my table.

I didn't thought that I didn't even post something on my ig for many years, so pathetic.

I fall asleep  while thinking like those stupid post.

~Time Skipped~

I woke up early and I went downstairs, and yes Jennie's family and her are still sleeping.

I went to the kitchen and I cook for breakfast, and it's actually easy food.

When I got finish cooking and I prepare all of it, I saw Ms. And Mr. Kim go downstairs with their beautiful dau- I mean hilarious daughter.

"Who cooked all of this?." Jennie asked while her eyes are closed.

"I don't know either." Her mom said.

And Then they saw me.

"Oh you guys are awake, you can eat now." I said.

"Thanks, I didn't know that you can cook." Jennie asked.

"you didn't know? Think my ass." I said and she glare at me.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!!" she said and chase me.

"You can't reach me, coz you have small legs." I jokely and she is angry now haha.

"Aish you kiddos, stop running around, let's eat our breakfast, cooked by Lisa."Her dad said and she stop.

" You can't get away with this. "she whispered and I just laugh at her.

"Small" I said into her ear and I saw her getting angry.

"Cut- I mean Freak."

690 words.

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