Chapter 18

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1 week later

The host club members were talking to each other while walking down the hallway after visiting Kuro when, all of the sudden, doctors and nurses are running past them, shouting things to each other.

“Hurry, he’s seizing!!”

Kyoya grabbed one of the nurses and yanked him to the side of the hallway.
“Who’s seizing?”
“A teen, about your age.”
“Last name?”

Kaoru let out a strangled sob and fell into the arms of his brother, whos knees give out and they both crumpled to the floor, gripping onto each other while crying their hearts out.

“May we follow you?”
“Only you and family, no one else.”

Kyoya nods and turns to the healthy ⅔ of the triplets. “Come on you two, we can go see him.”

Kyoya pulls the two off the ground and they begin to follow the nurses and doctors crowding into the room. The three teens find the bed that they are all crowding around and they have to hold back their gasps and screams.

Kuro was on the bed, seizing and convulsing violently, tears streaming out of his eyes and pathetic wimpers escaping his mouth.

Kyoya turns to one of the doctors.
“Can’t you give him anything to stop it?”
The doctors shakes his head.
“We’ve injected him with Lorazepam but it’s not helping as much as we’d like it to.”

Kuro finally stops seizing and the nurses turn him on his side to recover.

“Has he been diagnosed with epilepsy yet?”The doctor asked the two strawberry blondes.
“No, he hasn’t. Why do you ask?”
“Well, I’m diagnosing him with generalized epilepsy then.”
“What? Why? The other doctors always said that it was part of his……….condition.”
“Well, I don’t believe that’s the case. Kuro has leukemia that’s spread to his lungs and possibly his stomach; none of those would affect his brain in a way to where he has seizures so frequently.

I’m also prescribing him primidone along with acetazolamide. Primidone will help the grand mal or tonic-clonic seizures and acetazolamide will help with the absence seizures, which he has been having quite frequently.

We are also going to do an MRI soon to measure the progress of the cancer in his body as soon as he’s up and recovered fully from the seizure.”

They nod and turn their attention to the boy on the bed when they hear a pain-filled groan escaping him. The two older of the triplets run over to the youngers side immediately and whisper words of encouragement when he tries to sit up and praise when he succeeds.

The doctor slowly walks over, silently assessing the closely knit brothers, and clears his throat to get their attention. They look up at him and raise an eyebrow questioningly.

“We need to take Kuro to get his MRI now.”

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