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Cierra Kashaila Johnson

———————-Cierra Kashaila Johnson

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ci.erra fuck you too.

the0nlynae_ 😍😍😍😍

ohvuah caption a whole mood!

famous._zayy you a female but I fw you heavy. A lot of respect

_mixxedlexxi_ is you still coming to my house? 👀😏 been waiting..
            Kamrynn_ fuck no, so bye. With yo' dumb ass emojis . You bold asf 😂

_mixxedlexxi_ wasn't talking to you stfu! and who you be?
             Kamrynn_ HER GIRLFRIEND, and like I said she not coming to your house, tf. WE DONT FW you and you will be blocked bitch!!!

amyaaloves_life  ^and I oop 🤭

jasfromdasouf   you know your daughter gay? Y'all famous people don't keep up with y'all kids fr @nba_youngboy
             Kamrynn_ you seem mad, you wanna fight about it? I'm sure you don't, so worry bout you pooh

nastynainai my future girlfriend fine as wine 😍😍🤤

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"I go downstairs for five minutes and you arguing with bitches on Instagram" I said walking back in my room with a cup of water

Kamrynn came to my house to meet my momma before she left to go to work. They get along well surprisingly cause my momma usually don't like the females I mess with

Kamrynn different though..

"And I don't give a fuck" Kamrynn said looking at me and I tilted my head and looked at her like she was crazy

Do she know who she talking to?"

"who is you talking to?" I sat on my bed looking at her as she scrolled down Instagram

"You, you got me fucked up too. When you was suppose to go to her house?"

"a few months ago, I don't fuck with her or no other bitch. I don't know why you sitting there entertaining her silly ass"

It was 11:30 meaning It's to late to be doing all that on instagram

"whatever" she continued to play on her phone, and I just stared at her for a few seconds. I got on top of her as she laid on her back, so I was looking down at her

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