The Beginning

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She was running, running for dear life. It depended on it, He might catch up to her, if he did, she didn't stand a chance. So she ran and ran and ran. Burning tears and wounds stung her skin. Anger driven snow was rushing form the dark sky. Her vision went blurry here and there, her legs were getting weak. Tree branches would pierce her skin, tiny rocks would cut the souls of her feet. She had been running for hours now, days even! She didn't even know how long she had been in that place...

The woods were starting to thin, giving her hope and... And determination. She ignored the fact that everything hurt, that every single wound she had gotten throbbed. But she couldn't stop, not until she got out of these woods and got somewhere safe. Her safety depended on how fast she ran. Her feet were sore, burned, damaged, aching and pleading for a break. She had finally stumbled out of the woods and into a snowy road. Her patient's gown was torn and cut, branches were stuck in her short white messy hair. She had the courage to just... sleep now.

She let her body go limp and fall to the ground. Doing so, she hit her head on a rock. A small monster, a skeleton actually, was walking along that very same route. He was whistling and minding his own business, trying to pass the long time it took to go back home. A loud thump resonated through the woods, alerting the skeleton that something was wrong. He ran to where the sound came from, worried if it was a human. He soon found the unconscious body of a humanoid child. The skeleton smirked until he saw her soul

"She-She's a monster?" the skeleton was confused, she didn't look like a monster but at the same time, she was too pale and her white hair was unusual for a human. He wasn't that bothered until he saw the warm liquid tinting the pure snow lying under her body, her wounds too. Practically all her body was burned and covered in scares, either opened or not quite healed yet. The skeleton started to panic, picking up the small child. He ran to a town, it was about midnight, no one was awake so he didn't care about concealing the child's humanoid features. He busted open the door to his house, setting the girl on the sofa. His brother, a taller and thinner skeleton came running down the stairs "SANS, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF- IS THAT A HUMAN?" The taller skeleton asked he had finished coming down the stairs and rushed to his brother, smirking at the little girl "Nah, Papyrus, she's a monster. Her soul is just like us but it's gold for some reason." Sans explained, Papyrus seemed disappointed. 

"HOW DID SHE GET HURT?" Papyrus questioned. Sans simply sighed, trying to find items to heal her "I don't know, I just found her like this. She also has a patient's robe which makes me think that she was either a patient or a-" Sans cut himself off. Not wanting to say the rest of the phrase, if she was what he thought she was. "Can you help me find stuff that can heal her? I can't seem to fucking find them!" Sans asked with his colorful vocabulary. Papyrus sighed at his brother "THERE ARE SOME HEALING ITEMS IN THE KITCHEN" Sans rushed to the kitchen grabbing as many healing items he could find. Meanwhile, Papyrus was trying to stop the bleeding from her many scars. 

"Found 'em! Help me heal her" Sans demanded "EXCUSE ME?!?! IM THE BOSS HERE-" Papyrus stated and Sans sighed "JUST DO IT!" He ordered it was now Papyrus's turn to sigh. "FINE" And so the two brothers got their shit together and started working on healing the child. It took them 3 hours to heal her, 2 to figure out that they couldn't do anything to heal her many scars. Once they were finished, they slumped on the sofa next to the little girl, waiting for the girl to wake up.

5 days... 5 days have passed since Sans found the child. Her closed eyes started to flutter open. Weakly, she took the first look at the new world surrounding her. The blinding light emitting from the lamp felt like it was burning her retina. she slowly sat up, clutching the wound on her stomach. Feeling the bandages wrapped around her stomach portion, she winced at the pain that was emitting from it. Her head turned from the light of the lamp, looking around her and spotting... was that a chubby skeleton she just saw, sleeping on the end of-

Wait........ WHERE WAS SHE!?! WHO WAS THAT SKELETON?! WHO WAS SHE?!? Those were a few of the many questions spiraling in her confused head. The skeletons eye sockets started to open and red pupils glanced at her "Oh you're awake, finally-" The skeleton sighed "WHO ARE YOU, WHERE AM I?!?!?! And-And... who am I.....?" she asked, the skeleton seemed shocked "Woah, you don't remember who you are?" The skeleton asked, getting up, walking to her and kneeling before her.  "I-I... Can't seem to remember anything..." her face twisted into confusion. She was about to speak until 

"What's all this commotion about?- OH, MY CHILD! YOU'RE AWAKE!" A tall goat coming from the kitchen said, rushing to her side, fussing over her. "Who-Who are you people?!" She said, she had a fearful tone in her voice. "It's okay my child, you mustn't be scared, my name is Toriel" The goat introduced herself. She smiled tenderly at the confused child. "I-I... Who am I...?" she asked, clutching her arms, she looked in pain. "Your necklace said that your name is 'Uzara'" Sans huffed, holding that very same necklace in his hands, looking down at it. On it was engraved 'UZ4R4' which he changed to 'Uzara'. 

"A-Are you my dad?" She asked, it would make sense since he knew her name. She turned to the goat called 'Toriel'.  "Are you my mother?" the two were in shock "M-My child, we are n-" "Yes, we are" Sans state bluntly, got up, took Toriel's arm and lead her to the kitchen "I think it's wiser to do this. She forgot everything and a kid her age needs parental figures. We don't have to be in a relationship. We just need to assume parentship over her." Sans explained to Toriel, she thought for a minute before nodding "You're right, Sans. Could you fetch a pair of fresh clothes while I take care of the child" Toriel ordered and Sans sighed, nodding. He went out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Wondering what would fit her, not much that's for sure 'She's a small skinny kid, I mean it looks like she hasn't eaten in days'  Sans thought to himself. 'She probably hasn't... And what the hell was that back there?! Why did I say Tori and I were her parents?!? She forgot everything and if she actually is an... experiment... then she needs this... WAIT WHAT AM I THINKING?! BEING KIND OR THOUGHTFUL TO A KID IS BAD IN UNDERFELL! Still... I'll just keep her here, no need to get attached, plus Papyrus seemed to like her already. Yeah, that's the plan. Raise the kid, teach her how to fight and take care of herself before sending her to Toriel, keep her a secret so no one thinks you're weak'  He continued to think before snapping out of his train of thoughts and going back to the task at hand; get the kid some new clothes.

Papyrus had just gotten home and to his relief, Uzara had woken up. A few minutes later, Sans came downstairs, clothes in hand, only to find Papyrus and Toriel fussing over Uzara. Toriel insisted to give Uzara a bath while Papyrus insisted to feed her. Uzara just looked at the ground,  waiting for the argument to be over until she heard Sans coming down the stairs. Her face glowed and she rushed off the couch and ran to Sans, catching the attention of both Toriel and Papyrus. She hugged the skeleton, clinging onto him, Sans was confused, to say the least. She looked up at him and had the purest smiled he had seen for a long time. Guess forgetting everything about herself probably helped with that behavior.


I'm ending it here for the first chapter of Queen's story, I really hope you guys like it!

Lemme just say that Queen's story is WAY different then Uzi's story. Except for Basic stuff like being an experimentation and all. But stuff like forgetting about her past and having Toriel meet her as soon as she wakes up.

So yeah, it's 11h13 pm and I am far from done, I'm gonna continue writing about this story sorry if I haven't been posting the main story *cough*UZ4R4*cough* or NorthTale

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