Part 7 ; hard to accept

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* 2 Years Ago *

"What?! Wedding?!" Shownu (Monsta X) raised his tone because he was too surprised by what his family told them. "Omma, what going on?? And why change your mind??" Y/n's voice shaking as she speak to her parents.

"That's why we all are here. Both of you, Jimin, Jungkook and his family. Only you two do not know about this and Jimin agree with it, thanks for understand my dear Jimin"

Said Mrs.Kim to her children and Jimin. Y/n began to look at Jimin with a confused look. And Jimin? Just give her a smile, trying to hide his pain. "Agree about what, Jimin?" Y/n asked as her heart start beat faster.

She hoped nothing happening to her but why Jungkook and his family with them? "You will get married honey but not with your fiance, Y/n." She started froze for a moment. "Wait.. W-what??"

Y/n looked at Jimin. "Jiminah, did you know about this too??" Jimin just nodded his head as y/n asked him. "But why you did not talk with me about it?! And why you agree?!"

"I'm sorry y/n but this is the best for you" Jimin just looked at the floor as he speak. He also hard to accep it and he can't stop it. His wedding with y/n was on 3 weeks away but had to be canceled because it was reasonable. "You will get married with Jungkook"

You do not know how to act again when his name mentioned by your father. "No dad!! I can not accept all this if my sister married him! No dad!!" Shownu started to shouted at them. No way! Why his sister should married Jungkook and not her fiance?

"Watch your language, son. And this is not your wedding!" Said Mr.Kim to his son, Shownu as he tried to control his anger. "I know this is not my wedding but I talk about my sister's wedding and y/n's future"

Everyone in the living room was silent as Shownu speak to them. "That why we do this, son. For y/n's future!" Said Mr.Kim to Shownu again. "No! You all try to destroy y/n's future! And I disagree with this wedding!" Then he leaves.

You will marry with a man who does not love you? It's a nightmare for you but you can not do anything or disagree about it.

*Flashback End*


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He sigh, Jungkook can't call you. He really worried about you. But the door of his office was opened suddenly by someone and Jungkook rolled his eyes when he looked at the person. "You don't know how to knock the door? Want me teach you how to knock?"

He smirk at Jungkook. "Well, I've knocked on the door but you deaf do not hear the knock of the door." Shit, His language so rude! "Get out of my office now. I have an important meeting with CEO from Dubai company in 5 minutes. So leave"

He put his both hand on Jungkook's desk, and looked at him deeply. "Are you gay?" Said Jungkook to him and he smirk again. "Gay? Me? Stupid, I'm not crazy to be gay on you." Jungkook lifted his eyebrows.

"Then why you looked at me like want to eat me?" That guy put his hand on his pocket and stand property. "I just looked at the face of the man who had annihilated my engagement 2 years ago"

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