Chapter 9

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"Oh you got to be shitting me" Xavier waved his arms in frustration

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"Oh you got to be shitting me" Xavier waved his arms in frustration.

"Hah shitting me" I giggled immaturely earning myself an unamused glance from the rest of the people in the diner.

"I said hands where I can see them" the masked guy growled making people immediately shoot their arms up.

"Thea put your arms up" Xavier nudged.

"Fuck no I'm not listening to that air head" I scoffed crossing my arms as I glanced at the guy standing in the middle of the diner.

"Thea he's got a gun" Xavier whispered quickly I noticed that he wasn't in fact scared for his safety but he was scared for mine.

"You! girl over there empty your pockets" the robber stepped closer to Xavier and I.

Instinctively Xavier stepped in front of me attempting to shield me away from the guy.
"Empty your fucking pockets both of you" the guy ordered but once he got closer I assessed his body language.

His body was held stiff and his voice was wavering while the very tips of his fingers trembled. It was quite easy to tell that this was his first robbery and he frankly wasn't doing a good job of intimidation. The fucking girl from Matilda was probably scarier I mentally rolled my eyes.

Xavier glared at the guy and slowly started emptying his pockets. "Just to be clear I'm only fucking doing this because your holding a gun against Thea otherwise I'd have your ass on the fucking floor" Xavier shot the guy a menacing glare clearly the situation had took a slight hit to his ego.

The robber took a unintentional step back feeling threatened by Xavier's towering frame and held his gun tighter.
"I'm warning you girl clear out your pockets and the same goes for the rest of you people" he yelled his voice slightly unsteady.

Everyone instantly starting clearing out their pockets while I stood there and watched.
"Open the cash register now" he called out then turned his attention back to me.

"I'll shoot you girl are you crazy empty your fucking pockets" he shouted.

"You know what, go on then I mean what's the worst that can happen. I die?" I shrugged stepping away from Xavier and closer to the robber.

"Thea Stop" Xavier reached for my hand but I swatted it away.

"Shut up for a second Xav I know what I'm doing" I whispered.

"You don't know what I'm capable of girl I'll-I'll kill you right now I swear" he trembled.

"To tell you the truth I don't think you have the balls to do it" I laughed as he wrapped his fingers around the trigger and that's when I snapped my arms forward twisting his wrist and swiping his legs to the ground I disarmed him as fast as I possibly could.
"Your welcome people" I patted myself on the back as I held onto the gun and picked the guy back of the ground.
"Ok look since your clearly young and it's your first time I'm going to let you go but I swear if I find you doing this again I won't hesitate in snapping your fucking neck. got it?"i threatened the young guy then let him go.
Walking back to Xavier I watched the guy run out of the diner as fast as his legs could carry him.

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