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I woke up in a bed ...
Not my bed. I felt numb . Where am I?
?: you are here now... you are mine.
J: who are you?
?: the god of love and king of erotica
J: thats why you did what you did yesterday.
K: yes and you enjoyed that lots. And I see you want more? Here we have everything. And i can read your mind. When you want sex. Just think about it and I'll do it. Well my servants will.
J: my mum must be worried sick.
K: no one even knows about you. I erased all their memory.
J: am I a slut?
K: not at all. But anything you want. You can have .
J: anything?
K: yess!
J: okay bye.
I thought how good it would be to get a massage but it turns into sex.
I was strapped down on a massage table. In a dim lit room. Fully naked. The table had three holes on. One was for my pussy. Another was for my tits and the other was for my face. My boobs were just dangling. My pussy was exposed and I couldn't see anything. Someone rubbed up and down my back. Whoever it was had muscly hands. Then he started rubbing his hands on my butt and squeezing it. My boobs hardened. I knew there was more than just one Man in the room. There were two. I always thought of this stuff as like a threesome. While the first guy was rubbing and squeezing my arse someone was unstrapping my wrists and feet. And now I could see. And hear. All I could see though was the floor.
?: baby girl. Me and my friend are gonna have fun with you.
I was flipped over and could see two middle aged guys. In their 20's. They were shirtless and both really muscly. They were absolute dreamboats. They spreaded out my legs really far and tied them. My arms were stretched above my head then was tied up. I felt a rush of pleasure run through me as they started touching my naked body. With their oh so warm hands. They were doing stuff to me that I hadn't ever seen before. But it felt good. Then they both started sucking my neck. Obviously leaving hickeys. Then they started playing with my pussy and doing all sorts with it. They would tickle it. Finger it. Rub my clit really fast. Then suddenly one of the guys rubbed my clit up and down really fast. While the other was rubbing my boobs and playing with them. I had an orgasm. My hips jolted trying to move although they were strapped down.
My whole body was screaming with pleasure. It had the intense pleasure it craved everyday. I fell asleep.

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