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Nothing But Looks
"Nessa, hurry up!"
"Ugh, I'm coming." I screamed from my room.

Let me introduce myself , I'm Nessa. I'm 16 and my birthday is in 3 days. I just started this new school after moving from California. I now currently live with my mom after my mom took custody of me from my dad. I'm not sad because my dad was a alcoholic anyways and abused drugs left and right. My sister already stayed with my mom. She's one year older than me. Her name is Kamari, but we call her Mari for short. To make things better, i get to go to school with her and she gets to show me around on my first day. I'm used to the ghetto life so i know how to handle these little childish girls. Anyways ... i need to get ready.

30 minutes later :

"Ok honey, i will get home late but Kamari will be there and there is money to order some food for later on. Have fun and i love you." My mom smiled.

I smiled back, "Thanks mama." Then closed the door of the car and got out.

I sighed and mumbled to myself , "here we go." Then walked into the building of the school.

While walking to office i bumped into some kid who looked fine. He was light skin and had curly hair. His teeth was straight and white. They looked amazing. Hey, don't judge me. I looked up at him and he stared at me for a good second.

"Aye, I'm sorry ma." He smiled with his perfect teeth.

I started to feel myself blush. "O- Oh, it's fine."

He looked at me confused for a second then asked if i was new.
I took him yes then he showed me to the office and i got my schedule from this nice lady named Miss Simons.

He looked at my schedule , "Well look at that, we have the same lunch and third period."

I shrugged, "Yeah i guess so." Then i walked off to class.

He then ran up to me and I'm confused on why he's doing that.

"What's your name ma?" , he asked.

I hesitated at first, i don't even know why i just did. "It's Nessa."

He licked his lips looking me up and down. "Cute name, it suits you."

I stood there awkwardly while he just looked at me while licking his pink thick lips. "Thanks." I finally said. "Im going to go to class now."

"But- the bell hasn't rung yet."

"I want to get there early." I looked him up and down admiring his style.

"Ok then, see you at lunch ma." He smiled and licked his lips at me again.

MAN HE IS SO FINEEEE !! 😩😍. I said in my mind because i wasn't about to sound weird.

up until lunch time:
After class, i walked into the cafeteria dying to eat. I didn't eat this morning so I'm starving. I didn't see- oh man i didn't even get his name. So now im about to look stupid. Anyways, while walking to the cafeteria I went straight over to get some food. I got a salad, a cookie, and a lemonade with some apples with caramel. After finding a empty place to sit and eat, i sat down and started eating.

"Wassup ma." A figure came up to me.

I looked up and saw that same boy from earlier. He was by himself and he had a tray in his hand.
"H-hi." I stuttered.

"Mind if i sit here?" He asked.

"Take a seat kid." I smiled.

After taking a seat he started talking and asking me questions. I honestly didn't mind because i needed someone to talk to.

a/n ^^ i know it's short but it's my first chapter and first book so hang in there. it's going to be better within the chapters.

btw my "i" aren't going to capitalize so im sorry for that. but everything is ok. ill keep you updated.

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