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I felt myself get worse and worse everyday. I needed to feel it. I needed sex. I read about these places in fairytales and masturbating doesn't work anymore. The end of class bell rang and I walked out. Not back home. But down to the forest.
?: Hey! Help me!
I tried to follow the voice. A vine slipped in between my legs. It then wrapped around my neck as if to make sure that it would stay there then it wrapped around my legs and kept pulling. It felt amazing. I was nearly about to cum when more vines came and pulled my skirt down. one tickled my clit. While the others were pulling my top and bra off. I don't wear knickers. I masturbate lots. One wrapped around my boob and so did another. They kept rubbing it. One kept caressing my hair. The other five were doing magical things to my pussy. More vines came from the trees and lifted me up. I moaned loud. I was cumming everywhere. I didn't even care that I was fully naked. I was so deep in the forest that no one would come.
?: hey baby girl would you like more?
One said in a very seducing voice. More vines came and did wondrous things I couldn't explain. Two slid slowly into my hole and wiggled around. It felt divine. I wanted to scream. I never wanted it to end. This was just a bunch of vines.  One took my phone out of my pocket and rubbed on my pussy. My phone started vibrating. I couldn't explain how good it felt. I eventually fell asleep.

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