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*DMs between Hermione and Draco*
Hey Draco, sorry for Neville's rude remarks
It's okay, Mione. You shouldn't apologize.
What, why'd you call me that?
Isn't it obvious, Mione? I like you. A lot.
Can I say something too? I like you too Draco.
Draco: meet me at Hyde Park in 5
Hermione: okay sounds good
*at the park*
Hermione: Hey! *runs and jumps into Draco's arm and hugs him*
Draco: Hey ba-Mione! Can I ask you something?
Hermione: yeah, anything
*draco puts Hermione down and bends down on one knee*
Draco: this is a promise ring, Hermione. And I hope to trade it one day for real wedding ring.
Hermione: I-I'm not sure what you mean.
Draco: Hermione, would you make me the happiest man to walk this earth and be my girlfriend?"
Hermione: *ecstatic* OH MY MERLIN DRACO! YES! YES YES YES!
*kisses Draco, hard*

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