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"Where?" Jiyeon asked through the phone. "Are you seriously kidding me right now, Han Jisung?! It's 7pm and you want me to meet you at the amusement park?"

"Yes! Now come here, it's getting cold." Jisung says, his voice a bit husky.

"Fine. If you're not there, I swear to God -" The line suddenly went dead. "He hung up on me. He actually hung up on me?!"

"Who was that?" Jeongin asked, walking out of the convenient store.

"Jisung. He wants me to meet him at the amusement park."


"Must be one of his pranks," Jiyeon answers. "I'm not going."

Jeongin suddenly realized what he overheard earlier when Changbin and Woojin were talking. He grabbed his sister's wrist, "Nope, we're going."


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"You came!" Jisung welcomes them at the entrance. "I was getting bored."

Jiyeon rolled her eyes, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"I'm unwinding!" Jisung stretched his arms out, "Its the contest tomorrow and I need to relax."

"You two need to get a good night's sleep. If Chan oppa finds out about this,"

"He won't Noona." Jeongin smiles, "As long as you don't tell."

"Anyway, let's go! I want to go on a ride," Jisung motions inside as the two sibling follow him.

After watching Jisung and Jeongin be little kids for the night, she suddenly thought of Changbin.

Their first moment was at this exact amusement park. She smiled, remembered how they were both locked up in the closet, their bodies too close with each other -

"Why are you blushing?" Jeongin suddey arrived, holding an ice cream cone. "Are you thinking of someone?"

Jiyeon furrowed her eyebrows, "No! Just go! I'll be staying here."

"Oh, there's one more ride before we leave!" Jisung announced, with a big smile on his face.

He's planning something....

Jeongin nods, getting the signal, "Yes! So let's go!"

Jisung dragged the both of them in the ferris wheel. There weren't really a lot of people since it was almost 8pm.

"Can't you two ride it?" Jiyeon says, looking at the height of it. "Its too high."

"What? But you rode that long and tall coaster with Changbin hyung last time!" Jeongin argues.

The girl looked down on the ground, "That was different..." Because Changbin was there.

Jisung had enough of her drama as he pulled her towards one of the pods, "Get in and sit down -"

"Wait!" He pushed her in and locked the door. "Wait, you're not coming?"

Jisung smirked, "Bye!"

"Jisung!" Before Jiyeon could open the door, the ferris wheel started. She lost her balance and fell.

But she never hit the ground. Jiyeon looked up and saw him holding her again, "When they tell you to sit down, you should sit down."


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