twenty-eight 🗝

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The dance contest was tomorrow and all 9 of them were practicing really hard.

"And stop." Minho motions, finishing the last step. "Okay, I think we're ready."

Jeongin tilts his head, "What about our clothes?"

Hyunjin grins, holding some paper bags, "I'm on it!"

The boys rummaged through the bags trying to find the perfect clothes for them to wear.

Jeongin decided to excuse himself since he promised his sister he'll meet with their dad for lunch today.

"Be careful, Jeongin! And be back on time!" Woojin calls out to the youngest to which he nodded.

While everyone was busy fitting their clothes, Changbin called out to Jisung and they met outside.

"Ji, I need your help," Changbin might be asking the impossible since he knew what Jisung really feels for Jiyeon.

"With what?" Jisung asked, putting on his cap.

"But first, Jisung, I'm sorry," Changbin openly says.

Jisung looked confused, "For what again?"

"I know you like her,"

The younger bit the inside of his cheeks before speaking, "It's nothing. You both deserve each other, I promise I'll be fine."

Changbin showed him a smile, "Well, I need to talk to her. Can you help me?"

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

Jiyeon had just finished listening to his dad's story. Their parents were already growing apart even before the divorce.

"But why did you agree to it? You could've fixed it-!" Jeongin exclaims, earning a few looks from the tables beside them.

"Jeongin, stop. Not here," Jiyeon whispers to her brother, squeezing his hand.

Mr. Yang frowned, "I know I have a lot of things I need to make up for, please if you just let me..."

"Does Mom know about this? About where you are?" Jeongin asked.

"Yes. I talked to her after seeing Jiyeon at the mart and she permitted me to come see you," He looked at his two children. "You grew up so fast."

"You weren't able to see it though," Jiyeon whispers. She longed for a father ever since and being left alone at a young age was the worst experience for her.

"Jiyeon, Jeongin, I'm truly sorry," Mr. Yang says, holding both their hands. "Please..."

Jeongin wiped the tear that fell down on his cheeks. He sat up and looked at his dad, "If... If we let you back in our lives, promise us you'll never leave again?"

"I promise, Jeongin. You can even meet your step-siblings,"

"Woahh, baby steps," Jiyeon says, chuckling as she watched her dad ruffle Jeongin's hair.

This isn't just for me, it's for Jeongin, too. He needs a dad just as much as I do.

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