the rEaL sUpRiSe

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Jace and I woke up in his bed, tho I don't remember getting in I love waking up with him. And we repeated our rutine for the next 4 months. Feedback: we have a new, more complicate routine.

New routine:
Getting up: 7 a.m.
Breakfast : 8 a.m.
Walking up the StAiRs: 9-9:30 a.m.
Fainting : 2 times before lunch
Lunch : 2 p.m.
Fainting : 3 times before dinner
Dinner : 8 p.m.
Sleep : 1 a.m. (cause my nody hurts and I can't sleep and Jace is very kind and stays up with me)

Altho we are shadowhunters we still must do doctor appointments. Today we are going to find out the gender.

On the appointment:
"Well looks like the babIES are doing great and their gender is.." I didn't let her finish
"BABIES?" I asked
"Yes ma'am , you are having twin girls. Here you can see them" she said while pointing at the sonogram.
A tear stormed down my eye and I saw Jace has cried too.
"Lois and Eve" said Jace quietly as the doctor left the room
"Fair play. I choose Lois , and you get to choose Eve." I said laughing
"Clary, I love you and my girls." Jace said almost crying.
"And I will love you until I die, Jace Herondale" I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Just like that every doctors appointment we would ask for theit heartbeat and Jace tattoed their heartbeat on his chest right on his heart where he had no runes. I will do the same , just when I'm done with pregnancy cause I don't want to hurt the babies. It says in my book that they can feel any sort of pain. That is why Jace has been protecting me from phisical and emozional pain all the time. Perhaps I don't remember the last mission I went on. He is also being very respectfull cause he knows I get annoyed easly at this stage of my pregnancy. Jace is my protector. He doesn't even let me talk to Alec cause he kinda always annoys me but he is still my best friend.

Tommorow morning...

Jace pov
I heard the Institute alarm go off and it woke me from my sleep. I didn't wan't to wake up Clary so I lifted her up and caried her down the stairs. When we came down I saw hundreads of demons fighting shafowhunters. But more importantly, I saw Jonathan. Clarys brother Jonathan. I saw Izzy and told her to take care of Clary and laid the love of my life on the nearest chouch while I went to battle Jonathan. The biggest mistake of my life...

Clary pov
I woke up on a chouch and the first thing I saw was Jace fighting Jonathat. Forgotting that I'm pregnant I took the nearest seraph blade I could find and went to go help the love of my life. I was half-way thru and I felt something slide thru me. I looked down. I saw a demon knife showing right out of my pregnant belly... I screamed "Jace! AAAAGGHHHHHH!!!" he turned around and stormed to me. "CLARYY! Can you hear me. It is all going to be fine just breathe in, breathe out. Don't talk. Shhhhh. Clary? Clary don't close your eyes! Clary! Clary do you hear me?!

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