Wedding Night; Kevin Love

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For Mackenzie❤️

Our lips met in a heated frenzy as we pushed ourselves against the hotel door. Kevin's hands left my waist as he reached for the room key and opened the door, temporarily separating our lips but pushing them right back together as we both entered our suite.

I chuckled and pulled away.
"You couldn't wait to leave the reception huh?"

He smirked.
"We've been so busy planning this wedding that it's been exactly 21 days, 504 hours, 30, 240 minutes since we last touched each other baby,"

I smiled and nodded. We'd been so consumed with planning the wedding. When Kevin proposed, I knew exactly how I wanted the wedding, down to the last detail. He was the perfect man for me, and I wanted the perfect wedding which meant immense planning which left us with little free time.

His hand dipped down my back and he pressed his chest to my back, as he smiled taking the flower that was tucked into my hair, out. I stepped out of the gown as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer into him.

"You're so beautiful Mackenzie.." He said, kissing down my jaw line.

"And your so handsome." I responded with a smile, leaning back on him.

He spun me around and put his forehead on mine.
"You have no idea how much I love you."

My heart yearned at the words.

"To call you mine, to call you my wife, to feel so in love with's the happiest feeling in the world." He said, a small smile coming onto my face.

"Kevin Wesley Love.." I mumbled, leaning against him and brushing my lips across his. "You make me feel so blessed."

He groaned, and pushed the loose strands of hair I had falling out, behind my ear.

"Let me love you, Mrs. Mackenzie Love." He whispered in my ear, reaching down and unzipping my dress.

I bit my lip allowing the dress to fall to the floor. I untied his tie as he took off his jacket and slowly stripped himself of his tux.
He walked forward, backing me towards the bed, allowing me to fall back on the soft silk sheets. He brushed his hands from my neck to my breasts, quickly unclipping my bra, sensually grabbing my breasts. Soft moans escaped my mouth as his soft hands continued to touch my body, causing my body temperature to rise. He smiled down at me and pressed his lips on mine. His lips moved slowly, before moving to my neck, attacking them with soft kisses before harshly sucking on them. He pushed himself down on me, not leaving a single part of my body untouched. His lips left a trail down my until he reached my lower half, kissing the insides of my thighs getting closer and closer to my heat. Finally he pulled my panties down, discarding them somewhere as I felt his cool breath against my center. My stomach fluttered with anticipation.

"Kevin come on-" I was lost for words when he wrapped his lips around my swollen clit. I cried out as my hips bucked from the sensation.

"Relax baby." He mumbled against my skin to keep me from moving he pressed his hand down on my waist. He soon changed his gentle pace, delving his tongue into my entrance causing me to let out a loud moan. My hips rose slightly and he hooked his hands under my thighs, keeping me locked in place as he turned me into a moaning mess.

I grabbed his hair and pulled, hard. Kevin groaned and looked up, I knew his weakness just like he knew mine. He hummed against me causing me to shudder, curling my toes.
"Kevin I'm going to-"

"I know baby, come for me."

He added his fingers as he continued to lick between my folds. His eyes met mine and I gasped, lifting my hips as I came louder, screaming as I did so. He kept going sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. He finally slowed down, sitting up and kissing my lips allowing me to taste myself. I moaned pulling him closer to me.
"You ready for the real thing?" He smirked.

"I'm always ready daddy." I smirked back, pulling his boxers down. His long member sprang free and I grabbed it immediately. He faltered a little bit stayed still as I took over. In an instant, Kevin was underneath me, pulling my body on top of his. I kissed his lips and nibbles on the bottom, grinding against him. His hips bucked at the feeling.
"Don't tease me Kenzie," He groaned against my lips.

I pumped him slowly and brought it to my folds, rubbing gently up and down your slit. He moaned and bit his lip, screwing his eyes shut. I began teasing his tip inside of me, slowly allowing him to fill me up. I moaned softly as his hips snapped into mine. His hands gripped my waist as I slowly started riding him, wanting to feel everything. His hips met my rhythm as I placed my hands on his chest. He sat up and kissed my lips, pressing us closer together. He flipped us over, taking control.

"What do you want me to do to you my love?" He asked, leaving dark hickies across my body with himself buried deep in me.

"I want you to fuck me!" I moaned out as he bit down harshly on my sweet spot.

He put his hands over my throat and squeezed gently. I bent my knees up as he pounded into me, I could feel myself sinking into the mattress with every thrust. He lifted my leg up over his shoulder causing me to let out a loud moan and jerked away as he had found my spot with a new angle. One hand was still around my throat as I raked my hands down his back causing him to groan.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as he slammed into my g spot. "Harder baby!"

And he did just that. His thrusts became more rough, the sound of skin against skin echoed off the hotel walls. I feel bad for the people in the room next to us.. He pushed my leg further up and I screamed out, seeing stars. He hit just the right spot and I moaned again.

"Right here?" He coaxed.

I nodded, unable to form words at the moment.  He removed his hand from my neck and rubbed my clit. I shuddered relentlessly.

"Your mine Kenzie. Only mine." He growled, giving a hard thrust that caused me to cry out.

"I'm yours baby! Oh shit, I'm gonna come!" I screamed.

"Say my name." He grunted, using his other hand to force me to look at him.

"Kevin! Fuck!" I groaned.

He grinned as his thrusts began to speed up, I knew he was close. I squeezed myself around him, feeling a warm feeling in my stomach.

"Oh fuck." He groaned, his eyes screwing shut.

A shriek fell past my lips as my release overcame me, my eyes rolled back into your head as I cried desperately. I immediately felt a second orgasm come along as it hit harder than before.

"Kevin, I can't - not again!" I yelled, overwhelmed by the pleasure. He dropped my leg and collapsed on top of me, pounding into me with his head tucked into my neck. My orgasm seemed to last forever as he groaned loudly, spilling himself into me.

"Shit." He hissed, slowing down to a stop.

"That's what sex feels like after a three week drought!" I sighed, out of breath, chuckling weakly.

He chuckled, leaning forward to kiss my lips. I pulled his body towards me as we cuddled, trying to regain our breathing.

"I love you, so much." I smiled, looking up at him.

"I love you too, you and the child that we'll be having in nine months."

"You sound confident about that." I laughed.

"I am. Tonight is all about baby making."

"Then let's try again." I smirked, climbing into his lap.

He smiled, placing a lingering kiss on my lips.
"Your wish is my command wifey."

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