Safe Pt. 2-Petyr Baelish x Reader

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"What are you doing Petyr?" I ask as I enter the section of his brothel that he cut off to anyone else but me for my rooms until we could think of a better arrangement. "Why are you packing my things? Have you got somewhere else in mind?" I started to get a little more excited. I love being near him but I hated the sounds of a brothel when I was trying to rest and think.

"Yes," He whispers, "But we have to keep quiet about the fact that we're leaving. The Queen doesn't need to find it out." He placed another dress into the chest.

I smirk and walk up beside him as he stood in front of the drawers and I placed my hand on his arm. "We're?"

He huffed a chuckle and turned around to face me, "Yes, I am going with you." He walked around me and placed the last thing into the chest and closed it with a thud. "We are going by boat to the Vale." He whispered as he walked to the door and got some of his men to take the chest down to the dock.

"The Vale?" I mutter to myself, but he hears me.

"I've known Lady Arryn since I was a boy so it is safe to go there." He stepped closer to me and smiled as he arched his elbow for me to take.

With our arms interlocked, we walked out of the room and down to the docks where the ship awaited us.


It was getting darker and darker outside as mist began to block the sunlight and the ship still hasn't moved in a long time. I lay in the bed next to Petyr, trying to get rest and enjoy the waves but my mind keeps going to why we aren't moving. I sigh before asking Petyr if he knew the answer.

"We have to wait for someone to arrive." He looked down at me and smiled, "Don't worry, we are still going to leave but that other person will join us as well." He kisses my head and slowly begins to sit up before walking to the door, "Stay here. I'll check up on things."

I sigh and lay back down looking out to the ocean through the window. Who was going to the Vale with us that couldn't come on board when we did? Who was so secret that he waited to tell me until the moment we were at sea?

I sit up, about to go on the deck with Petyr before I stopped when a voice echoed across the water. It was clear but not enough for me to realize what it said. Only thing I heard was "Baelish." Walking across the room to the window, I squint and try to make out the figure in the mist when they collapsed and a girl screamed, which was muffled almost immediately.

I look around the room and spot a knife on the desk, the same knife Petyr had that I cut my dress with when we were children. I grab it and walk slowly up onto the deck, trying to listen for anything but only heard hushed voices.

I reach the misty salty air and spot Petyr with a red-haired girl. Sansa Stark. I relax a bit as they turn and see me. Petyr nods to me before looking back to Sansa.

"Come, Lady Sansa. Your room is down here near ours."

I smiled to Sansa and she nodded in recognition to me as she walked hesitantly passed me with Petyr's arm around her shoulders to guide her down to her room. I looked around at the crew and couldn't see who had said Petyr's name. I turn my head to the ocean and spot a small rowboat floating softly away from our ship with a body laying there, unresponsive, with arrows protruding from their face and chest.

I take a deep breath in before noticing some of the crew with crossbows in their hands. I shake my head slowly as I make my way to where Petyr and I were staying. My heart raced with each step below deck until I opened the door. But, not at all surprising, he wasn't in there. He must have been with Sansa as I heard down the hall two voices speaking softly and muffled by the wooden panels.

I shut the door and sat on the bed, looking out to where that man was with the arrows in his face and chest, still floating off as if he wasn't just talking, breathing a few moments ago. Time passes for I don't know how long before Petyr finally comes through the door.

He closes the door and pauses in front of me. "What is it, Y/N?"

I take in a deep breath and look at him. "What did you do?" I tilt my head to the side, waiting for an answer but he shuts his eyes and walks closer to me. Petyr lowers to a kneel in front of me and grabs my hands.

"I did what it took to get us out of there."

I sigh and shake my head. "Don't start lying to me, Petyr."

His jaw clenched as he rubbed my knuckles with his thumbs, glancing down at them. "I made things even with the Queen."


His breathing seemed to slowly become heavier and quicker. "After what she did to you, I had to make sure she felt the pain I did seeing you like that. Maybe even worse pain." He whispered.

"What did you do?" I repeated, clearer this time, looking at him more intently.

He stole a glance at the door before his voice went quiet, "I killed Joffrey."

I removed my hands from his and my breath quicken as his did at the questions I asked. "You killed her firstborn?!" I hissed. "She will come after you and she will want your head, Petyr!" I stood up and he followed suit.

He placed his hands on each side of my arms, "She doesn't know it was me. She thinks I am still in King's Landing, we will be too far from her when she finally realizes that we left."

Looking at the door, expecting at any second someone to come in and kill Petyr, I remembered our other passenger, "What about Sansa?"

"I had to get her out of there as a favor to her mother. I owed Cat at least that much after her kindness to me while I lived at Riverrun." He whispered, slowly pulling me closer to him into a hug. "I still have a promise to you to keep, and that is my main priority now."

As soon as the hug tightened, he moved one of his hands to the back of my head and held it there and I tightened my grip, getting flashbacks to that inn so long ago. He leaned down to my ear and spoke softly, "I will promise to you again if you forgot. If need be, come to me. I'll keep you safe, I promise."

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