~Chapter 1~

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*Hiya! I'm starting this little book here. Hope you like it. The begin's as bit slow, just getting you introduced. But it'll get better, I promise! So hang in there. =] I'll try to be a fast updater.Title to be changed, by the way! Still thinking of one**

Chandler's POV

"Hey, brutha!" Josh laughed, messing up my hair. I tossed his hand off and smoothed my hair back down.

"I hate it when you do that!" I grumbled, loud enough for him to hear. I picked up my skateboard and walked down the front steps. Josh jumped down after me.

"That's why I love doing it!" he exclaimed, slapping my shoulder. I rolled my eyes.

"Race ya?" I asked, and then without waiting for an answer, I hopped on my skateboard and pushed off down the path to the driveway.

"Chandler!" I heard him running after me. His skateboard was in the house. I smirked. Too bad, bro, I thought.

But he was catching up. I lowered my left leg to the concrete and pushed off, gaining speed. I turned onto the sidewalk and kept going. I heard Josh panting behind me.

"I'm...too...old...to...run," he choked out, slowing to a jog.

"You're fourteen!" I called, without turning around. He was just lazy. Josh was actually in shape. He wasn't the couch potato type, even though he does tend to play video games for longer than anyone should.

Josh was tall and fit, with black hair, which he inherited from our mother, and blue eyes, courtesy of Dad. He usually wore cargo shorts and red, green, blue, or orange t-shirts. There was no doubt about it, though. He could run if he wanted too. The problem is, he doesn't. Not even to try to beat me at a race.

"Slow down, man!"

"It's a race, Josh!" I heard him groan through his panting.

"I forfeit," he finally said, stopping and resting his hands on his knees. I leaned back on my skateboard, bring the front part up, grabbed it, and hopped off.

"You're too easy." I bent down to see his face.

"I let you win," he lied.

"Sure. Whatever you say, bro." I didn't feel like arguing now. I just wanted to get to Stacey's so I could borrow her brother's science book and Josh could stay and do whatever he usually does with her.

I rode slowly to the corner, quickly checked the street, and sped across the street. Josh walked behind me.

"Awww, man!"

"What?" I said, stopping and turning to face him.

"I'm all sweaty," he answered, making a face.

"It looks good. Makes her think you work out or somethin'," I pointed out. He nodded, getting a cocky grin on his face.

"Yeah, you're right. Hey, we gotta do this more often." Sure, like he'd be up for running every time he wanted to go to Stacey's, I thought, laughing out loud.

"Er...you okay?" Josh asked.

"Just fine." I smiled and got back on my skateboard, passing a few houses until I turned the corner. I had to wait for Josh to catch up, but as soon as he did, I kept going. Hhm, a mover's truck. The house after Stacey's had finally been bought, I guess. The garage door was open, and men were carrying things from the truck to the house, but I didn't see the people who lived there. Oh well, plenty of time to meet them later, I thought. If I get around to meeting them...

I rolled to a stop in front of Stacey's light yellow two story house. Josh picked up his pace, jogging to her front door. I walked up the driveway, skateboard in hand. He knocked, turned around, and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled back in a sarcastic "greaaat" way. He was always trying to act cool, but sometimes, he just let his guard down. Like now. Josh has had a few girlfriends in the past, but he never seemed really into them. But now, with him and Stacey, you can tell. They're close.

I, on the other hand, haven't had so much luck. I went out with this girl, Sasha, last year in the sixth grade, but it was only for about a week. I guess I just haven't found "the one" yet, as all the girls say. They can be so...girly sometimes.

Stacey opened the door.

"Joooosh!" she exclaimed, hugging him.

"Hey, Chandler," Stacey said to me. I lifted my hand in a wave. She nodded and turned to lead us into the house.

I closed the door behind me and headed upstairs to Tyler's room, where he almost always was.

Sam's POV

I wondered who those two boys were. We'd already met Stacey and Tyler, and I was sure she didn't have any other brothers. Maybe...maybe that older boy was Josh? I wondered. Stacey had told us she had a boyfriend named Josh Hilton.

I looked out the window of my bedroom, watching as the two boys disappeared into her house. The younger one was really cute...I wondered if I'd be going to his school. I hoped...

He looked my age, twelve. Maybe thirteen. He was tall, but not freakishly tall. He was wearing a brown shirt, with a design I couldn't really see. Was it a guitar? He had black, soccer shorts on and calf high black socks. Normally, I liked shorter socks, but I had to admit, they looked good. They went well with his white puma sneakers. He had kind of long-ish, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I was pretty sure he was wearing a brown-rope shark necklace.

He looked good in brown. Actually, I bet he'd look good in anything. I wonder if I had any classes with him....Sam, snap out of it! I gave myself a mental slap. This was pretty new. I didn't usually crush on guys. To most people, at least in my old school, I was one of the guys. Always joining sports and just befriending the guys, with no intentions of flirting.

Problem is, I'm shy. And until I open up, I'm pretty much alone, and a "nobody". Not that when I do open up I'm popular or anything. But I get a few good friends.

I sighed and turned away from the window. Nothing to see there. The boys were inside now.

A crush...on a kid I just saw. Through my bedroom window. Was that considered stalking? No, I just happened to look and see them. Actually, I've been looking out the window for a while. Bored. Waiting for the movers to finish for the day.

It was weird that we'd moved here about a week after school started. We would've been here earlier, but a close friend of my mom's mother had just died, and my mom insisted we all go. I liked Kathy, and even though I hadn't met her mother, I felt bad for her. I always did. I was a sucker, despite my tomboy reputation, for sad things.

Sighing again, I threw myself onto my bed and plugged my ipod's headphones into my ears. But I couldn't get my mind off that boy...

**=D Hope you liked it so far! More to come!**

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