"And The Winner Is..."

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*Kayla's POV*

The show opens with a performance by Taylor Swift. The whole time Niall and I are making fun of her. I told Niall that Kaleigh thinks she doesn't have a belly button and he nearly peed himself. Once she was done the host came on and started talking. He made a few funny statements and then it was on to the first award.

The first award is for "British Female Solo Artist." The nominees are Ellie Goulding, Birdy, Jessie J, Laura Marling, and Laura Mvula. "Who do you want to win?" I whisper to Niall. "Not really sure, what about you?" He asks.

"Jessie J." I respond. He nods and turns his attention back to the stage.

"And the winner is.....Ellie Goulding!" I turn around to try and find her. I look around and spot her a few rows behind us. She has a huge smile on her face as she walks to the stage. Everyone claps for her and she makes her speech.

"Wow. Thank you to my wonderful fans! I am so blessed to have such a supportive fan base. Thank you!" Ellie says and walks off. We all clap again.

The next award is for "British group". I take Niall's hand in mine and he smiles at me. The nominees are One Direction, Disclosure, Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, and Rudimental.

"And the winner is...." I feel Niall's grip around my hand get tighter. "One Direction!"

"Yes!" All the boys say as they jump up and hug each other. "We did it lads!" Liam yells. All the girlfriends get up and give their boyfriend a kiss.

"Good Job honey," I tell Niall after we pull away. "Now go get that award." He smiles and all the boys go up there.

The crowd is going crazy. I watch the way their eyes all light up when they get handed the award. It makes me so proud. "Thank you to our beautiful fans for voting! We would be no where with out your support so thank you for that." Liam says. "Wow," Niall starts"I would just like to say that we do have the best fans in the world and this proves it right here so thank you....also I love you Kayla." He says and I turn bright red. "I love you too." I mouth to him. Then they all walk off.

When they get back I can see how happy they really are. "I'm so proud of all of you." Perrie says. All the boys say thank you and turn their attention back to the stage. I felt something on my upper thigh. I turn and see it is only Niall's hand. I take mine and put it over his.

Time went by and more awards were given out. The boys have won a butt load of awards. Including British Group, British Video, Global Success Award, and Best Fandom Award. There is only one award left of the night, "British Single."

"The nominees are: Ellie Goulding, Olly Murs, One Direction, Passenger, and Calvin Harris."

"And the winner is....." I feel Niall's grip on my thigh get tighter. "One Direction!"

"We won all five lads!" Niall says as he jumps up from his seat. All the boys hug again and they head up to the stage.

"You guys are absolutely incredible," Louis starts. "We are so incredibly blessed to have a fan base like you. Thank you all so much!"

"I have to say......DIRECTIONERS COULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" Harry yells, making the audience laugh. "No, but you really are amazing people and we love everyone of you. Thank you."

The boys walked off the stage and over to us. Each of them gave their girlfriend a long kiss than sat down. "Congratulations," I whisper in Niall's ear and bite it slightly.

"Thank you." He whispers back.

The award show ended with a performance by Ellie Goulding. We all stood up and sang the words to Burn with her. I was swaying my hips slightly and I could feel Niall's eyes on them. When the performance was over we were free to go.

I grab Niall's wrist and pull him into a long kiss. "I am so proud of you." I tell him when I pull away.

"You know I think I deserve a present for winning all these awards." Niall whispers in my ear.

I giggle. "By chance does it involve you taking this dress off me?" Niall nods.

"Yes it does," Niall laughs slightly. "I say we ditch the after party and go have a party of our own." He says, his Irish accent getting thicker by the second. I nod in response.

Once we were outside the venue Liam asks us what are plans are. "We're going to head home. We're both exhausted mate." Louis says. "Us to," Niall states and I try hard not to smile at the thought of what we'll actually be doing. "We're going to the after party!" Harry yells. "So are Zayn, Perrie, Sophia, and I." Liam says.

We all say goodbye and go our separate ways.

"I can't wait to get you home," Niall whispers in my ear when we get situated in the back seat.

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