fell asleep with your melody

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When they got to Namjoons place things got..heated. Jimin and Namjoon were making out on the way inside to his place. Jimin let out soft whimpers as he held the back of Namjoons neck, he felt his length chub up and than felt Namjoons boner on his thigh.

Teenagers are hormonal, even the quiet ones. Some experienced and the others who have ever only used their hands and fingers.

Jimin felt himself get picked up and laid onto the bed, Namjoon leaned over and kissed his neck, Jimin giggled at the feeling and then felt Namjoon tug his boxers. Jimin blushed, mentally telling himself not to do anything with him yet, but it felt so good.

Namjoon lifted Jimins shirt and sucked some hickeys on Jimins chubby belly, Jimin mewled to himself and then snapped out of it when he felt Namjoon begin to unbutton his shorts, Jimin cursed, cupping his crushes cheek as he kisses his head. "I-i'm not ready." He said softly.

Namjoon smiled at Jimin, he grabbed his wrist and nodded, "Okay, doll. That's alright." He said softly, leaning over Jimin as Jimin hummed, he was half hard, but he was sure the pressure on his crotch would die down, so did Namjoons.

Cute thing was, Jimin had a small bulge poking out while Namjoon had his halfly erected penis reaching down to his thigh when Jimins barely reached down his pelvic area. Jimin pouted, poking Namjoons bulged out line. "how come?"

"Good genetics." Namjoon teased as he poked Jimins nose, Jimin giggled, nuzzling his head onto Namjoons chest as the eldest through a dark blue blanket over himself and Jimin. Jimin squeaked as Namjoon rubbed his back, Jimin begin to doze off and begin to nap on Namjoons chest but did not last long when he woke up to Namjoons stirrings. (The fuckery of sleeping on someones chest, Jimin supposed.)

He opened his eyes slowly as Namjoon frowned at him, Jimin looked at the boy, "what's wrong, baby boy?" He asked softly. Chuckling at the nicknamed he called Namjoon.

Namjoon blushed, realizing he woke Jimin. "Oh, shit. Sorry for wakin' you."

"Why're you up? do you need to use the restroom?"

Namjoon shook his head, biting his lip. "No, it's just.." He sighed softly, frowning. "I'll sound like a big baby right now but I can't sleep without soft music.."

Jimin cooed, brushing his fingers through Namjoons hair, so tired. He yawned, pressing a wet kiss on Namjoons forehead as he tucked his head on his hyungs shoulder. "Want me to sing you something?" He asked softly. Namjoon hummed, nodding shyly.

Jimin smiled, shutting his eyes as he beginned hummin a melody, he sang softly to the big boy he laid on until he reaized he hushed him to sleep. He smiled, kissing his perked lips as he snuggled him again, getting comfortable. "Mine.." He said softly, softly, trailing his finger down Namjoons chest. "Soon..I hope."

short chap.

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