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Username:  NNSSRRRHLLLEEGDTKK or  (NaNaSySo)Name: Alexander Moon or Moon WoojinStage Name: AlexNickname(s): Alex, Moo Moo, Jin, Jinnie, Lex, Moonie, Moose, Squirrel, MooWoo, Age:  18 int 19 korDOB: 12, October, 2000Height: 5'7" ftWeight: 140 lbs (...

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Name: Alexander Moon or Moon Woojin
Stage Name: Alex
Nickname(s): Alex, Moo Moo, Jin, Jinnie, Lex, Moonie, Moose, Squirrel, MooWoo,
Age:  18 int 19 kor
DOB: 12, October, 2000
Height: 5'7" ft
Weight: 140 lbs (irl N/A)
Blood Type: O-
Birthplace // Hometown: Phoenix Arizona, U.S.A.// Phoenix Arizona, U.S.A.
Nationality: South Korean-American
Ethnicity: Korean

He's a bit of a jaded nerd. He is very talented and smart, but he's a sarcastic smartass and lives in a world of 'meh' ( aka he's paranoid, depressed, tired, irritable, snarky, crude/blunt, skeptical, always salty, and doesn't trust others easily). Although he's like this, he's also the kind of person that can be very 4D and is really funny when he's comfortable around you. People who get to know him tend to think he's actually a "floof ball" (I quote the floof ball part from a friend who has reviewed this and such). And although he may seem to come off as cold or something, he can be very kind and polite and caring. He's very passionate about what he does and is the kind of guy to spend the entire day practicing or writing music unless you tell him to stop. He's mainly just very introverted and tries to put up a strong front but is really just a softie and stuff.

-wearing hoodies and sweaters everywhere
-Sleeping when he's not doing anything or when he's worn out
-bites the inside of his cheek when he's thinking or nervous
-puffs his cheeks out when he's frustrated
-Forgetting to eat (it's not that he's anorexic or anything, he just genuinely forgets to eat)
-Getting lost in his thoughts or composing in a musical lined notebook he carries around.

-Writing/producing music

-Mushrooms (he hates the texture, unless they are friendly mushrooms or magical mushrooms)
-Contact lenses
-Small spaces
-Large crowds of people unless he's performing or something
-Superficial people

He was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, U.S.A. He honestly lived a pretty normal life for the most part. His mom was a professor and his dad was a data architect. He's very intelligent so he was ahead in most of his studies but kind of slacked off in his classes, distracted with music and boredom. He kind of kept to himself for the most part and he struggled with depression and such. His older sister was very extroverted so it only really causes him to retreat further in his shell. He has always kind of found his escape through music and is one of the few things he is truly passionate about. After he graduated high school, he moved to Korea with his sister and has been living there for the past year, attending a nearby college. He only really wants to work on music so he discovered Monster and wants to audition to mainly produce, but doesn't mind if he ever debuts because he enjoys all aspects of performance and such, even though he's very introverted.

Family [Name//Age//Relationship//Occupation]:
Moon Seokjin// 54// dad// data architect and analyst

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