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🔹Yoongis pov*

I was in the pack house talking with the others and keeping them calm as they smelt the small baby bun up stairs

"Guys calm down. I was thinking maybe we could make him have the heir to our throwns?"

Yoongi new by just one look at the bunny boy and he was already deeply in love with him, but he new the others would never let him keep the bunny to himself, he will have to share weather he likes it or not

🔹Taes POV🔹

What if we fall in love with him?what if he falls in love with us?,
Taw growled lowly lookin at the stairs that led to the bunny's room

🔹Yiongis pov🔹

"I don't know ... We will have to..- share him..." He groand under his breath

Yoongi new what was going to happen-he could see it all with his future reading skills.... Most of the future was blurry but he new this pack... Would be more then just a pack before to Long...

🔹 Extremely short chapter update I'm so sorry summer has got me so busy- and ah I'm just in such a rush for everything well please comment how I'm doing ❤️🔹

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