chapter eighteen

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( Sunday, 6th November, 1988)

"SURPRISE!" everyone screamed as Charlie and Caitlin came through the door. Charlie looked around and saw his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and so many more people.

Charlie looked at Caitlin who grinned at him and then pointed to Molly. "It was all her idea" she told him and Charlie looked at his mum. Molly stared at Caitlin and pretended to be shocked.

"Caitlin Monroe!" Molly Weasley yelled as Caitlin then walked into the living room and saw Bill. She grinned at the older boy and sat beside him.

"Enjoying the party?" She asked him as Bill looked at the twins who were annoying Ginny. "Ow! Ginny that hurt!" George or maybe Fred but then again it could be George.


"It's Fred" Bill said as Caitlin nodded her head. "You okay?" Caitlin was concerned for Bill. "I-just-I don't know" he said and then looked into her eyes "I don't know what I'm going to do. I leave this year" he told her "there just so much to think about and.."

Caitlin put her hand on his arm "you will get there Bill" she told him and the looked up to Charlie who was glaring at her. She laughed quietly and then excused herself to see a certain red head.

Caitlin smiled as she looked into Charlie eyes "having the time of your life?" She asked him as Charlie made a face at her. "I don't like parties" he told her.


Caitlin winced at the sound of Molly screaming. Charlie laughed and kissed her temple. "You will get use to it" he explained to her as Caitlin massaged her temples.

"I know it's just that she's so sweet but so..." Caitlin trailed off.

"Loud. Yeah she's very loud...I don't honestly know why she's yelling that loud like we can all hear her. That isn't an issue.."

"CHARLES STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!" Molly screamed from the kitchen. Caitlin and Charlie looked at each other.

"How did she know?" Caitlin asked him and Charlie shrugged his shoulders.

"That's just mum for ya."

Caitlin laughed and nodded her head. She was going to enjoy her time here.


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Charlie, happy birthday to you!" Everyone sung as Charlie blew out his candles.

Cake was then passed around. Caitlin smiled as she talking to a few of Charlie's cousins and other family members.

Caitlin then took a photo of all of them with Charlie in the middle. Everyone was smiling. She took two; one for herself and then the other for the Weasleys.

Caitlin enjoyed this birthday party.

"Thank you" Charlie said as he hugged her from behind. Caitlin turned around to looked at him.

"You mum did all the work!" She exclaimed. Charlie shook his head "thank you for giving me another chance" then he brought their lips together in a sweet kiss.

Caitlin smiled into the kiss. She was glad that she gave him another chance.


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