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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to read this.

First, one of the main characters has a mental disorder called Schizophrenia. Neither myself nor anyone I know has this disorder, so what I've written is based purely off of third-party articles and my own research. If I am accidentally misrepresenting this disorder at any point, please correct me via Wattpad or my Twitter so I can correctly rewrite, add in, or adjust what is wrong. However, please note that I am taking some liberties with regards to how it is affecting her and some things are intentionally changed.

The second thing is a spoiler for the story plot. I am aware that people with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorder are rarely a danger to anyone but themselves, and even then that's not always the case. Part of this disorder is that it is possible to hear voices telling you what to do. This is the case for several of Shay's later actions. These are what drive her to sabotage and even try to harm Liz. However, in most cases, these voices DO NOT make the person dangerous.

Thanks again for taking a moment to read this. I hope this story is at least close to an accurate portrayal of Schizoaffective disorder before the start of treatment. Please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction meant to entertain, not educate.

If you suspect that someone you know has Schizophrenia, please aid them in getting help. If treatment begins within the first six months of the start of symptoms, there is a high potential of reducing the severity through the person's life. Shizoaffective disorder is difficult to diagnose, but it can be treated effectively. This disorder is an overlapping of Schizophrenia and either bipolar disorder or depression. It has cycles of periods with severe symptoms and periods with improvement and less severe symptoms. As with Schizophrenia - and any other mental illness - it's important to seek help.

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