Chapter One

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UA. You'd finally finished the course at your boarding school... And now you could go. Granted, it was the second year of the course... But you were still finally here.

You took a breathe of the clean air, temporarily losing your composure, before quickly straightening up and regaining it. You always remembered that lesson.

Stand up straight, chin up, stomach in. If you can't remember something as simple as that, young lady... Then you're a lost cause.

You walked forward with slow, meaningful steps. Part of you wanted to race forward, feeling the wind brush your (h/l) backwards. But you knew that was not how a lady acted.

You were instructed to get unpacked in the 1-A building in preparation for the next day's class. You were excited to meet your classmates, but you were also wary of your position.

'Whatever you do... Keep your composure!'

And so, you stood in the lift, suitcase rattling as you ascended. You were to be on the 3rd floor, where an extra room had been built for you.

The only reason you got into UA was because of that damned Endeavour. He still wouldn't give up on the arranged marriage idea, even after all these years of seperation. He decided he would get you into the school, and into his class so you would get along with him. Still, you weren't going to spill that information.

Floor Three.

The pleasant voice of the elevator rung out, and so you stepped out. The floor was a straight corridor, smelling faintly of sawdust. You began your walk down to the corridor, but before you had a chance to turn the key, you heard footsteps. Quickly swiveling around, you turned to see a raven-haired girl in a red hoodie.

"You must be the new student. My name's Yaoyorozu Momo, welcome to UA."

She was very polite, and she struck you as the kind of naturally graceful character. You bowed slightly before introducing yourself.

"My name is (F/N) (L/N), it's a pleasure to meet you."

Momo walked over to you, beaming.

"Would you like some help with your suitcase? I honestly don't mind."

"Whilst I'm grateful, I believe I can manage. Thank you for your consideration though, Miss Momo."

Momo seemed to be taken aback by your formalness, but smiled nonetheless.

"Alright! If you don't mind, come downstairs to the living room later - Floor One. I'm sure everyone would like to meet you. Goodbye (Y/N)!"

You waved back, one hand set over your stomach in elegance. The velvet fabric of your pale (F/C) dress was always a comforting feeling. You set up your room, placing your trinkets around, before sitting down for a moment.

You allowed yourself five minutes, before slipping back into your delicate heels. You stretched, less than femininely, before leaving the room to the elevator.

When you got to the bottom floor, you saw him. His heterochromatic orbs met yours, and you felt a blush tint your (S/C) cheeks. He was so handsome now, and his beautiful orbs were so mesmerising... Your heart fluttered in excitement. However, your mood soon changed when you heard a creepy voice.

"P-pretty girl..."

You jumped out of your peaceful state of mind to notice a short boy looking at you.

"Whilst I thank you for that comment, I'd appreciate you not saying that in such a tone."

He looked stunned, as you noticed other people in the room making their way towards you. You stood tall as they swarmed around you. There were a lot more people here than you had expected.

"Hiya~ The name's Mina!"


"Nice to meet you, I'm Kirishima."

"Hello! I'm Hagakure. Call me Kure!"

"Call me Tsu..."

You greet those who surround you, trying to escape the feeling of being captured. That feeling when you were forced to go to that boarding school. You were proud you managed to keep your cool. Your eyes soon wondered searchingly for Todoroki... Who seemed to have disappeared.

After a while, you place yourself on the sofa, still pondering over the strange feeling you had felt when you saw Todoroki. Your face must have looked odd, as a girl with soft brown hair walked over to you.

"Um... Are you okay? You look a bit confused."

You smiled, not wanting to bother the innocent girl. She seemed kind enough however, so you talked with her for a while before noticing the time.

"Oh! I best be getting some sleep. It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss...?"

"Ochako Urakaka! Just call me Ochaco."

You smiled, tentatively accepting the possibility of a friend.

"Goodnight, Ochaco."

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