Chapter Twenty-Eight

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"How'd you get away in the first place?" Duncan asks Kai while they slowly made their way through the woods.

"Amber was occupied with some girl, so while she was distracted I used a stick to cut the ropes. It was a slow process but it worked." Kai says and Duncan nods.

"Did she say the girl's name?" Duncan asks and Kai racks his brain.

"It was like Lorna, or Lainy, or something like that." Kai shrugs.

"Lauren?" Duncan asks and Kai nods in response. "Lauren's my sister."

"...oh, well I don't think she killed her." Kai says and Duncan nods.


"What do we do when we find her?" Daisy asks Sammy.

"We kill her." Sammy says and picks up a slightly pointed stick and hands it to Daisy.

"You know it's not gonna be that easy, she has an army." Daisy says and tosses the stick from hand to hand.

"She has an army of dead people, they can't be too powerful." Sammy shrugs and they continue walking through the woods towards the campfire.

"Technically, they aren't dead, and Jared King could have been alive all those years and you just suspected that he was dead." Daisy says and Sammy turns to her.

"If Jared had been alive he would've told me, I know him." Sammy says and Daisy whispers a "sorry" and they begin to walk once again.


"Shhh, I see him." Duncan whispers and looks through the trees at the mute boy standing on the other side sipping something out of a mug.

"He looks pretty normal, why'd we have to hunt him down?" Kai whispers and Duncan hesitates.

"Sammy thinks that he's my Lucy, he's my true love." Duncan mumbles and Kai shrugs.

"Is he? I won't judge." Kai says and grins when Duncan hesitates. "Alright, go get you a slice and I'll wait here."

"I have to kill him." Duncan says and Kai's smile fades.

"What? No, you can't kill him!" Kai whisper-yells.

"Do you have another idea on how to remind him of me? Other than that, I have to kill him." Duncan says

"I'll grab him and drag him into the woods when nobody is looking and we'll to him." Kai says.

"That's part of the problem, Noah refuses to speak, he's mute." Duncan says and Kai stays silent for a second then shrugs.

"Then we talk for him."

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