chapter 12- Exams and pain

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Sorry in advance for all the feels. Big thanks to Raven5555 for submitting this idea and @Pentamonium for co-writing it with me!

Kirstie and Avi had been together for about a week. They were both infatuated with each other. Avi couldn't help but notice her sweet smile, and Kirstie his wicked superfrown.

And so, Avi vowed that he would protect her with all of his being. No one would ever hurt her as long as he was around. She was too good, too pure, and he had to protect that.

It was a regular Tuesday, aside from the fact Avi had a cultural heritage exam, one of his electives.

"I have to go take this. Be safe." He told his girlfriend.

Kirstie nodded as they leaned in for a short, sweet kiss before he had left. All of Kirstie's exams for that semester had ended that morning, and she chose to stick around until one of the boys were done to hang out. There was a small swing set on the side of the campus, so she just decided to hang out there.

Kirstin had always loved swings, it was one of the few sensory things she could handle. Stuff like that always made her feel more independent, like she was capable of doing things alone, even though she always knew it was a lie in the back of her mind.

The brunette was humming contently with her eyes closed as she rocked back and forth. A new sound invaded the calm atmosphere, that of sneakers squelching against the grass still covered in morning dew.

Her eyes remained closed, assuming it was one of the boys until a force shoved her back, tumbling off the swing. She reached her hand up to her head, as it hit the ground first, making her see double.

"It seems lover boy can't save you now, can he?"  The female of the groups taunted, her voice is all too familiar. The two teen boys next to her laughed, a foot connecting do Kirstin's stomach when she tried to pull away and get back up.

"Where do you think you're going?" The taller male laughed, "There’s no way we're gonna let a freak show like you get off that easy." He spat, causing the others to go "yeah," or other, more disgusting terms of the agreement.

The brunette girl let out a whimper of pain, pulling away. Did they really hate her this much? Did she deserve this? Maybe.

The blows kept coming, and Kirstie was eventually able to stand on her feet. One of the three pushed her back, she wasn't able to differentiate between them with blurred vision, and she stumbled backward, her head crashing into the metal pole of the swing set.

A loud noise of pain escaped her lips, but the others didn't seem to notice and continued their vicious attack.

They didn't seem to notice she wasn't getting back up, as she took every blow without a flinch, they just didn't seem to realize it was because she wasn't conscious.

"Guys, guys! That's enough!" The shorter male called. "She's out of it. Get lost now before we get caught, " he instructed. The others nodded in understanding before they all ran off in different directions.

Her breathing was shallow as she tried to keep breathing while only half awake. She was only dimly aware of her surroundings through the pain. All she could feel was the pain in her head, but she couldn’t pinpoint an origin to the pain, so it just felt like a thousand angry bees stinging her skull, making her want to cry, scream in agony, but she couldn’t because she was too dazed to remember how to cry.

“Scottie, what do we do now? I mean, our exams are over. We’re free men.” Mitch said, grabbing his best friend’s hand and swung it. Scott shrugged.

“I don’t know. Be kids for once?” he suggested, making them both laugh as they are very childish. What other sixteen and seventeen-year-olds have Spongebob parties on the weekend?

“Oooh, let’s go on the swings. No one’s ever there.” Mitch suggested. Scott nodded so they walked quickly over there. But it wasn’t going to be as fun as they had hoped. Not when Mitch saw Kirstie laying on the grass, her leg bent at a sickening angle, and blood on the side and back of her head, matting her hair. He screamed.

Scott ran over and scooped the unconscious girl up, and sprinted to the nurse. The moment he ran in, the nurse gasped and cleared a cot for him to lay her on. “Mitch, wait outside the exam hall for Avi and drag him here the second he is finished,” Scott instructed. Mitch nodded and ran out to do just that. Scott really sent him out because he knew Mitch couldn’t handle seeing lots of blood, and there was already a pool forming on the sheets around Kirstie’s head. The nurse had already gotten on the phone with emergency services, knowing that this wasn't something she was qualified to do.

Mitch waited by the exam hall, his eyes scanning every inch for the brunette In the crowd of students. Soon, he noticed Kevin laughing about something with Avi, sprinting to him.

"Avi, go to the nurse." He panted, his hands waving frantically.

"Why? Does my breath smell that bad?" He panicked. Mitch shook his head rapidly. In any other situation, he would have a teasing remark but now was not the time.

"Kirstie's hurt."

Those two words caused the male's eyes to go wide as he ran faster than anyone had ever seen him go, and he was one of the fastest track team members.

As soon as he got there, his heart shattered.

Her curly, dark locks were bottled and stained a crimson red, bruises littered her face and body, and her leg was bent a disturbingly unnatural angle.

God, how could he let this happen? He was supposed to keep her safe.

She was his perfect little angel, his rose, his everything, and yet he wasn't there to protect her when she needed him most.

Her eyes were half open, glazed over her blank expression, unable to recover any strength to smile, frown, or give any sign of her emotions.

Avi took her small hand in his larger one carefully. He cradled her hand daintily, trying not to break her anymore.

Suddenly, she spoke. A sentence gritted through clenched teeth due to the pain that made everyone's eyes go wide.

"W-Who yy-you?"

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