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"What were you thinking?". Namjoo asked Jungkook after a moment.

"I don't, I don't know".

"Jungkook, you lied to us". Mr. Jeon said as he shook his head, feeling upset about earlier.

Jungkook heaves a sharp exhale. "Let me get my head straight, okay? I'll explain everything later. I'm sorry". He said and ran back inside the house to find Lisa and hope he's not late.


Jungkook enters the bedroom and sees the room was completely empty. He's late and now she's gone.

He looked over the bed and all that she left was the wedding dress and the necklace that was given by Namjoo was placed nicely in the bed.

He felt himself anger and frustrated. All he searching for at least a letter from her before she left.

"Well, that was... crazy". He was interrupted when Rosé said from the doorway.

Jungkook let out a sharp exhale and turns to her.

"Are you okay?". Rosé asked him.

"Yeah. No, I just feel... you know what the problem is?". He asked looking at her. "You see, the problem is that this woman is a gigantic pain in my ass".

Rosé's eyes widen in surprise with his words.

"She just left like that and didn't leave anything for me. She's fuxking makes me insane!". He said and kicking the nearest couch next to the wardrobe. "Sorry. I'm sorry, I just... she just makes me a little crazy". He said and running his fingers through his hair.

"Yeah, I can see that". She said then smiles at him. "So you're just gonna let her go?". She asked, causing Jungkook looked up to her as if she's giving him a second chance to find Lisa.

Jungkook nodded his head and mouthed at her thank you then ran past her.


"So, what now?". Lisa asked as she sits on the train next to Ryo.

"Well... now that you're leaving voluntarily, it all becomes very civilized. Once we land in Seoul, you have twenty-four hours to head back to Australia".

Lisa just nods her head and turn her attention back outside the window.


Jungkook made his way downstairs until he stopped by his parents and siblings. "I've got to talk to her". Jungkook said in a rushed.

"Why would you do that?". Jimin asked, grabbing his arm, causing Jungkook snatched his hand away.

"It has nothing to do with you!". Jungkook spits at his brother causing Jimin grabbed his arm again.

"Boys, stop it!". Namjoo yelled.

"Jimin! Jungkook! That's enough!". Mr. Jeon yells but they didn't listen at all.

"I'm not gonna let you do this!". Jimin said causing Jungkook scoffed.

"I'm not asking your permission!". Jungkook continued making Jimin about to grab him by the collar.

"Mom! Mom!". Jihyun shouted beside her mother who slowly falls to the ground. "Guys! Help!".

The three men turned to Namjoo and rushes toward her who clutches on her chest. "Somebody get a doctor!". Mr. Jeon shouted.

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