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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"What you packing for?" Kamrynn said walking in my room as I put clothes into my suitcases

"I'm going on tour for a few months" she squinted her eyes

"when you leaving?"

"in the next hour, so I gotta hurry up"

"okay, but I need to talk to you bout something"

Wonder what this about

"Go head I'm listening" I told her, I looked over at her and she seemed nervous

"I'm not gay but I got feelings for this female. I been messing around with her for a few weeks now and I wanna let you know before it turn into months"


I stopped what I was doing and looked at her

"so you telling me, you like a girl and y'all messing around" she nodded "But you not gay?"

"no, I just like her. Ion like no other females or look at them in that way" I nodded letting her know I was following along

"okay that's cool. Call her and tell her to come over here cause I wanna see her. How old she is?"

"She 16, and did you tell me to call her?" she laughed a little


"so you not mad?"

"why would I be mad, I don't have no problem with you being you. I support you like always, and honestly I don't care. If ain't nobody bothering you then I'm straight"

"okay. I'll be back" she left out my room for a few minutes and came back "she said she coming"

"How far she stay?"

"20 minutes"

I finished packing my stuff and a hour had pass. I met this girl that Kamrynn like, she chill. I left afterwards cause I was on a time schedule

life is hard

Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"I swear y'all folks ask the same questions every time I get on live" i said reading the comments on live

I continued to do that til Kash came out bathroom yelling

"take these shorts off" she said coming behind me slapping my butt


"that shit hurt" i said holding my butt and rolling over onto my back. Fuck the Instagram live

"you know these shorts ain't cutting it"

"I'm at home, so what is you talking bout?" I said picking up my phone and sitting it on the dresser. I started reading the comments and Kash was just looking at me

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