Chapter 1: [A Bunch of Brainless Idiots in A Play...]

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Chapter 1: A Bunch of Brainless Idiots in A Play...

"Because I love you."

The moment she heard those words, the puppet-like Lou Yaoyao completely collapsed. Tears began to fall like a broken string of pearls, unable to stop.

Across the glass, Qin Zhi felt pain as he saw the tears fall from her eyes. He placed his hand on the glass window, wanting to wipe her tears, yet it was all but futile. In the end, he said with an aching heart: "Yaoyao, don't cry."

But, how could she stop the tears? Lou Yaoyao cried until she almost fainted. Separated by the glass, Qin Zhi continued to console her in a gentle voice. That voice made her think back to a time where as long as she cried and make a scene, he would drop everything, no matter what it was, and come to accompany and coax her with that same gentle voice of his.

She had been a fool to have believed that they had only had siblings affection. She had been a damn fool to have caused him take the blame for her.

"Qin Zhi, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Lou Yaoyao asked tearfully.

Qin Zhi just smiled.

He didn't give her an answer as she knew what the answer was. Even if he told her, it would have been useless. Because at that time she had been obsessed with Chen Hao. In her eyes, there was no one else but Chen Hao.

Having understood this, Lou Yaoyao cried more tears.

The guard urged Lou Yaoyao away as the prison visiting hour was over.

Qin Zhi called Lou Yaoyao.

Lou Yaoyao held the receiver and leaned towards the glass crying and gasping for breath. She braced herself to hear what he had to say.

"Yaoyao, I cannot be by your side to guard you anymore. You must take good care of yourself. Don't be so willful anymore. Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes." Lou Yaoyao nodded absentmindedly.


"Yes, yes."

"Don't marry Chen Hao. Find a man who will truly love you. When you do find him, be good to him, and live a good life, understand?"

"Yes, yes."

Qin Zhi continued to speak endlessly. This was the first time in Lou Yaoyao's entire life that she didn't find his lecturing annoying. She earnestly responded, even though she didn't hear a single word.

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The guard warned them to speed it up. Qin Zhi finally gave Lou Yaoyao a profound glance, put down the receiver, and finally got up to leave.

Lou Yaoyao suddenly stood up and started hitting the window hard, despite the guard's warning. She pointed at the receiver.

Qin Zhi sounded an apology to the guard and, once again, picked up the receiver.

Lou Yaoyao looked at Qin Zhi through the glass. This once handsome man had always paid attention to cleanliness, but after some short months, that man was no more. He had stubble that he seemed to have missed while shaving hastily. His face had become yellowish and unusually haggard, except his eyes. His eyes were still as brilliant as they were before. It seemed like the hardships of life had not affected him. As Lou Yaoyao looked, she felt a burst of sadness. Qin Zhi opened his mouth to hurry her up. Then, Lou Yaoyao said in unswerving arrogance, "Qin Zhi, you know that I am willful and selfish, therefore indulge me once again for the last time. Wait for me okay? I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you. You wait for me, or else don't even think about having a good life after. You know that I can make one's life a living hell!"

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