14 - Domino

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"Babe, do you have a pencil?"

I fished through my bag as I kept my eyes on my paper and searched for a pencil. Right now Axel and I were in our last class and he literally forced the kid that was sitting next to me to switch, and it didn't even take much convincing for him to do so.

I felt the small object in my hand and absentmindedly tossed it over to him as I continued taking the notes. I heard a small 'ow' but I didn't really think much of it.

"Aggressive woman," he mumbled.

After a few more sentences the bell rang and everybody hurried out of the classroom door to get home. Me? I took my time.

I casually stuffed my pencil case back into my bag and carried my books in my hands as I walked down the hallway to my locker. Axel was going to get some books from his locker so he could do homework but thankfully, since I finished my assignments, I don't have to carry the weight of a thousand bricks on my back.

I closed my locker just as I heard the familiar clicks of heels echo off the walls of the hallway. I groaned in annoyance and turned around to be met with a pissed off Holly.

"I guess whore's never take a break, huh?" She asked as she narrowed her eyes on me.

"I don't know Holly, I don't work around the clock like you, or even at all for that matter," I replied casually.

She scoffed and shook her head, "People did say that you've become a little more rude. Now tell me, do I have to be the one to cut that tongue out of your nasty little mouth?" She sneered.

"Not if I cut yours out first," I snickered.

"You think this is a joke?" She asked, getting louder with each word.

"I could ask the same thing about your IQ," I fired back.

Whoa sis, where the fuck is all of this coming from?

Dude, I don't even know...

"You have some nerve talking back to me like that bitch," she hissed.

"The nervous system does that when you start getting annoyed, but I'm not sure if you knew that, did you?" I asked sarcastically.

She scoffed and tried to send a slap to my cheek but I caught her hand just in time before it made contact. She tried pulling it out of my grasp but I had a death grip on it, I wasn't going to let her keep getting away with shit like this, nah, fuck that.

She attempted to send another hit to my other cheek with her free hand but I caught it with my other hand too. I spit in her face and shoved her back to the point where she broke a heel. The only thing I did was chuckle as she tried to walk normally.

"You bitch! How dare you?!" She shrieked.

I stalked closer to her slowly and she backed away with each step I took towards her. She kept limping away until her back hit the set of lockers behind her. I smirked as her chest rose up and down with her rapid breathing and my nose was brushing up against hers. I gave her a deadly glare that I saw send shivers down her body which only made my fists clench with eagerness.

"I double dog dare," I growled lowly.

Her eyes widened in fear and she pushed me away and made a run for it. I guess she heard the sincerity in my voice and was afraid, I didn't blame her, I'd be scared too.

I heard a series of clapping from down the hallway and I looked over to see Axel with a proud look on his face. Once he reached me he wiped a fake tear and sniffled, "I'm so proud of you," he fake cried.

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