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The drive was not too long, Jimin sat through it. Atleast it was better than walking, his tiny legs would've taken 30 minutes at the least.

Once he felt his dad reverse the truck, he looked over and saw the diner. He was too focused in the radio that he hadn't noticed the ride was over that quick. He smiled to his dad and leaned over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I have to go now, papa."

His dad smiled softly, "have fun, my beautiful child."

Jimin smiled back, eyes into crescents as he walked out of the big vehicle and walked torwards the entrance of the diner after crossing the not to big street. He walked in and saw Namjoon sat on his seat, looking down at a book the diner offered while waiting.

Jimin walked up to Namjoon and tapped him, "Hey!" He squeaked, Namjoon smiled and leaned over, welcoming him with a hug, "Glad you made it, sweets."

Jimin smiled, "sorry for the wait." He apologetically said softly. Namjoon didn't mind at all, he could wait a millions of years for this beauty.

Jimin crawled in the seats as he rested his bum on the plastic fabric the diner offered, which was prettily a aesthetic red and white color. He enjoyed the color scheme of this diner, hoseoks father was good on his own.

"What would you like to eat?"

Jimin hummed, "I think i'll get the large cheeseburger with....chips snd fries."

Namjoon smiled, god. He's not shy at all to what he eats. He's intrigued.

"Anything to drink, doll?"


Namjoon hummed, signaling the waiter who turned out to be Hoseok, "Hey, dude." He smiled as he turned the menu over to him, he had written something before hand. He's so cute, dude. Do I ask him back to my place when i'm done?

Hoseok nodded as he smiled, sketching into his notebook to not make Jimin question anything. "Okay, so, what will you get?"

"I'll get the barbecue cheese burger and fries along with someone cheese nachos."

Hoseok nodded, "Alright, how about you, pretty?"

Jimin blushed softly as he looks down at his menu, suddenly feeling his stomach growl as he lets out a small giggle, "uhm..a cheeseburger and fries..and if Namjoonies getting a big bowl of nachos..I suppose we should share?" He asked softly, Namjoon nodded.

Jimin nodded back to conclude his order and smiled at Namjoon, "Okay, i'm ready!"

Namjoon blushed softly at how cute he was, they sat there wating for a few 10-20 minutes until their dishes came. Hoseok set them on their table as he smirked at Namjoon, Jimin smiled, leaning over to grab the cheeseburger as he immediately dug in and took huge bites, moaning in relief as the mayonnaise dripped to the sides of his lips.

Namjoon grunted, they both ate like they hadn't eaten in years and god, Jimin was such a tease.

Until they were finished, both were full and Jimin was bloated. Namjoon chuckled as the small boy, "Before we go, we should go use the restroom."

Jimin nodded, whining a bit because his tummy ached, Namjoon helped him up and helped the petite boy to the restroom. Jimin did his deed and so did Namjoon, they met up with washing their hands as Jimin looked much better and didn't carry his lips into a pout.

Namjoon smiled, paying and leaving a tip for Hoseok as they both beginned to walk out, Jimin walked to a telephone pole as Namjoon grabbed his wrists, "Hey..just stay at my place, pretty."

Jimin hummed and looked down, then nodded, " is getting dark to wait for someone to pick me up.."

"wouldn't want anything stealing someone who owns such beauty."

Jimin giggled as he reached up to kiss Namjoon, who rejected it and coughed. "u-um. Lets do that privately."

"what..? why?" Jimin frowned, dragged by Namjoon into a area which was secluded. "I'm straight."

"Well, now you said that like you just came out as a homosexual. Kim Namjoon, you're not!" Jimin pouted.

"I am, i'm straight. I just happen to like a gay boy.. not a straight one."

"How the hel-, mother of god."

"Look, i'm straight, okay? That's final."

Jimin sighed, looking down. He then reached up and strolled his fingers through Namjoons hair, "Look..I like you alot. I won't give up on you that easily. You're in denial. —and that's okay." He said softly as Namjoon frowned, "I mean, bisexual exists!"

"Now, what the hell is that?"

"When you like both genders."

"No..that's not it, i'm straight."

Jimin humph, "whatever."

Namjoon frowned when he saw Jimin turn away, he quickly grabbed him by the waist and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, Jimin frowned, giving in as he kissed Namjoon back, wrapping his arms around his neck. "I really..really like you." Namjoon said softly.

"Me too.." Jimin frowned.

"How about we go back to my place..? It's getting dark so we can both be fooling around on our way there."

"Fine." Jimin pouted, which he couldn't keep so he giggled a bit when Namjoon ticked his side and Kissed his cheek.


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