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Peters pov:

I tried my best to hurry back home before anyone would notice I was gone. I don't want anyone figuring out that I'm Spider-Man.

Once I reached home I came back through a back entrance not wanting to cause much attention. I quickly changed out of my suit before heading up to my room. Once I arrive I find Mr. Stark there sitting on my bed with a panicked look across his face. I immediately felt the guilt build up inside of me.

Tony looks up at me and grins and I can hear him sigh in relief. He comes over to me and engulfs me into a hug.

" where have you been ?" Mr. Stark questions sternly after he releases me. I only give him a look of regret and guilt.

" sorry, I was just hanging out with a friend and I guess I forgot to tell you that I was leaving. I'm just so used to no one caring where I go." I mumble full of guilt and self pity. Hopefully Tony will fall for that lie.

" well please inform us if you want to go somewhere," Mr. Stark slightly chuckles. I nod my head implying that I would inform him next time.

" alright well how about you say we go watch a movie?" Mr. Stark suggests. I agree with him and we both head out of my room.

Once we reach the living room I see that Steve, Thor, Clint, and Nat were already seated on the couch.

" so what movie we watching tonight?" Steve asks.

" peter you got any suggestions?" Tony asks me. I shake my head indicating no.

Nat stepped in saying " how about we watch a horror movie."

I'm definitely not fond of that idea. I'm not really good with horror. I'm not going to ruin everyone else's fun though.

" sounds good to me." Thor approves as everyone else nods their heads in agreement. Mr. Stark and I find ourselves a two seater couch to sit on.

We ended up choosing the movie the ring. Halfway through the movie I was terrified. That girl just freaked me out. It took me everything to keep watching. I whimpered slightly at a gruesome scene which seemed to of caught Mr. Stark's attention.

" you ok kid?" He asks full of concern. I nod my head indicating that I was fine but he didn't seem to believe me. I then felt him pull me to his side as he started to softly play with my hair. I felt a sudden comfort from his touch and was able to drift of to sleep.

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