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Minho quietly knocked on Seokjin's bedroom door, leaving Taehyung in the living room. He heard a faint groan before the door opened. Seokjin gasped and slammed the door again.

"Seokjin! Please let me in, I need to talk to you," the older said, but the Seokjin didn't budge. "I wouldn't be here if I wanted to hurt you again. Taehyung wouldn't have let me..."

He convinced Seokjin when the door finally opened, revealing the frowning boy with red eyes and puffed cheeks which were tear stained.

"Oh my God, Seok-" Before he could finish, a big slap reached his face, his head turning from the force. With a hiss, he said, "I deserve that."

"Y-yeah, you fucking deserve that! Do you even know what sort of shit you've put me through?" the younger yelled.

Tears were slowly starting to form in Seokjin's eyes again, catching Minho's attention as he pulled the younger in a hug. Seokjin began sobbing in his boyfriend's chest as they both fell to the floor together, Minho on his knees as he caressed Seokjin's back.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered and carded his fingers through he younger's brown hair. "I'm really, really sorry."

"Don't lie to me..." Seokjin whispered back, gripping onto Minho's unzipped jacket. "Don't keep lying to me, Minho. I-I miss what w-we were. I m-miss when you'd caress me like t-this. I miss when you'd c-c-compliment me. I miss you. Why did you change?"

"You can hate me, I know you do. And I hate myself too," Minho replied, his eyes filling with tears as he reasted his chin on Seokjin's head. "I hate myself for hurting you everyday. I hate myself for not being able to be a proper boyfriend. I hate myself for being so selfish and stupid. Seokjin, I abused you because my father was abusing my mother. But that's no excuse. I honestly wish we could be better. If you ever cheated, I don't blame you. I'd cheat on me too. I was a h-horibble boyfriend to you. And I know t-there's no fixing that. B-but, I want to become b-better. For myself and for you."

Seokjin slowly wrapped his arms around the taller's torso, sobbing in his chest. Minho allowed his tears to fall into Seokjin's soft locks. They stayed together for a while, just holding each other as their tears quietly fell, soft sniffles breaking the silence every now and then.

"I hate you...so much," Seokjin mumbled, breaking the silence.

"I know, baby. I know. But please, can you forgive me and stay mine? I promise, I'll be better."

Seokjin suddenly pulled his arms from around Minho's torse and grabbed his cheeks, locking their lips together in a soft kiss. Minho pulled the younger closer as their lips moved together in sync. It was a sensation that Seokjin honestly missed. Every kiss was either filled with lust or anger, but this one felt different. It was vaguely familiar, but it was definitely different. Different yet something Seokjin didn't know he was craving until he received it.

And hopefully, that's what he would receive everyday.


holy fuck thanks for 3k+?? is this book that enjoyable? OMG im crying I love you all so much, thank you 💜💜💜

I ended up kissing my friend somewhere in the middle of my school's hall Friday night 😳 I did not know how homo I was until I wanted to kiss her.

pft, stan sope

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