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Since the day I found out I got accepted into the Watford School of Magicks, everything has gone by in a blur. I take a look around at where I am now, on a tour with all of the other 11 year old, first year students. Half of them are eagerly listening to our bored, monotone-voiced guide, a seventh year boy, while the other half looks like they would rather be anywhere but here. I fall into the second category...but not just because I'm bored. I just really want to go and explore the school myself, rather than be stuck here with a group of first years.

"Psst," comes a soft voice from behind me. I turn my head around, to find a brown haired, freckled faced girl trying to get my attention.

I point to myself as if to say, "Who? Me?"

She giggles and nods, then moves closer to me. "You look like you're having about as much fun as me," she quietly says, sarcastically. "What do you say we leave this boring tour and go explore the school?"

I don't know what to say. I do admit to myself that the tour is boring...but ditching it? That's just not like something I would do...and I wouldn't want to get in trouble on the first day of school here...

But a thought nags at my mind. The old Simon...the Simon who lived with his horrible aunt and uncle, and never had any fun, would stay with the group. But I don't want to be that Simon anymore! I want to be independent, adventurous, and brave. That's who new Simon is, and that's who I'm going to be starting now.

As our tour group shuffles ahead, I turn to the freckled faced girl, who is now walking along side me, "I think that sounds like a great idea," I say to her with as much confidence as I can muster. Guilt and worry suddenly hits my stomach...but I push it away. I will not let the old Simon take hold of me least...not right now.

A corner of the girl's mouth pulls up in a half-grin. "Great!," she replies, quiet enough to where only I can hear, "I can't wait to explore and see what cool, magicy stuff this school has!" Then, she sticks out her hand, "I'm Penelope, by the way. What's your name?"

I awkwardly shake her hand. "Simon," I reply, "Simon Snow,"

Penelope grins and releases her hand, letting it fall to her side. "Well, it's nice to meet you Simon Snow," she states, her face bright and ready for adventure.

"So, are we gonna get out of here?" I question as I gesture to the group of kids around us.

"Easy!" She whispers excitedly with a wink, "just follow my lead,"

Penelope raises her hand and asks the tour guide, "Excuse me! Me and Simon here have to use the restroom, and I've really gotta go! Where is it?"

Our guide barely glances at us before directing us down the hall, and around a corner, then resumes his tour, using the same amount of enthusiasm as before- so basically...none.

Penelope turns to me with her eyebrows raised as if to say, "Huh! Would you look how easy that was!" And she gestures for me to follow her as we head off into the direction of the bathrooms.

Once we turn the corner, and are out of anyone else's sight, Penelope turns to me, looking as if she has a so much adrenaline pumping through her, that she'll explode! It almost makes me laugh, but I hold it in.

"Sooo..." I start slowly, "where to now?"

Penelope shrugs her shoulders, then looks around. A huge grins spreads on her face when she sees a dark staircase behind her. "Let's go check out what's up there," she says, pointing at the stairs.

I know The old Simon would back out now- if he hadn't already. But New Simon wouldn't give up so easily. "Sure," I respond, "Let's go!" I force a grin.

We walk over to the stairs, and make our way up slowly, Penelope taking the lead. When we reach the top, she stops suddenly and I almost run into her! In front of us is a door that says "Keep Out (this means you)". Before I can say anything Penelope has twisted the doorknob and walked into the room. I know now, this has gone too far.

"Penelope," I hiss. "Penelope, get back here!" Before I know what I'm doing, I'm following her into the room, where she stands- jaw hanging- at thousands and thousands, and row upon row of drawers- some big, some small- which line the whole wall in front of us, from floor to ceiling. Each drawer is labeled something different. I can only read a few of them (dragon scales, Phoenix feather, some vampire teeth) before we hear a voice behind us, "What on earth are you two doing up here?!"

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