Chapter 3: Her House

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Tyler's POV

This girl was going to be the end of me.

I woke up the next morning and grabbed my already packed suit case. Heading downstairs, I passed by the home reconstruction men tearing down my kitchen wall... All this for one women? Lord Jesus.

All of a sudden I saw ford pick up drive by... Then reverse... Then pull into my driveway. My house was huge, how did she even miss it?

"Get out here! We need to get a move on!" She screamed through her window before opening the door and walking out to unlock the back.

As I walked out I noticed she was wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt.

"You have a tattoo sleeve." I stated, not being able to take my eyes off how good she looked when she wasn't even trying.

"Don't you dare say shit about it. I really couldn't care less as to how much you don't like tattoos blah blah blah. My body, not yours."

"I was gunna say it looks nice." I defended myself, my eyes still glued at her arm, body, hair, eyes, well... Her everything.

"Right. Throw your suitcases in here and let's go."


The drive to her house was quiet except for her music. For a girl who had a tattoo sleeve I expected screamo or metal or even rock but what I heard was instrumentals. That wasn't even the crazy part, the crazy part was I was actually enjoying it. It was all violins that were playing covers for songs like Stay With Me and Skyfall.

"We're here." She announced. I looked up to a cozy town house that said 221 B. I couldn't help but loose my cool for a second there...

"Isn't that Sherlock?" I asked a little too excitedly. I would go gay for Bennedict cumberbatch... Sue me.

"No shit. Took me 6 months to find a townhouse with that address then I ended up going into a rent war with another chick that wanted this place and God knows I unleashed the Kraken."

I literally couldn't stop laughing. At some point she joined in to, and let me just tell you now, it was beautiful. Not angelic but sexy. Her original voice was raspy but her laugh had me weak.

All that laughing stopped when I walked through her door. I automatically took in the scent and it was the most comforting thing I've smelt in a while.

It was a scent of pine cones mixed in with books and vanilla. Then I actually opened my eyes and man did I not expect what I saw. There was books everywhere! And by everywhere I mean the walls were completely 100% covered in books. All you saw was windows every now and then.

"Holy shit..." I sighed, taking in my home for the next six months.

"You will not touch a single book on these shelves without telling me, they took me years to arrange. Got that?"

"Is that a... BOOK?" I asked, looking towards her fireplace.


"WHY IS A BOOK BURNING IN YOUR FIREPLACE?!" I demanded, looking at the book being eaten by the scorching flames.

She walked towards a stack of book that were lazily placed around the fire place "Ahh these are my most prized possessions, spent a fortune and a half on these. They are Adolf Hitler originals and copies, books he wrote when he was in power."


"They keep the house warm..."


"Ahh." She sighed. "I'm afraid so... I'm entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret..." She whispered, getting closer to me, "All the best people are."

"You did not just quote Alice In Wonderland..."

"The books in the kitchen, bookshelf to the left if you want to check."

"Just point me in the direction of my room please." I begged, massaging my temples. The whole situation was getting too crazy.

This was gunna be a long six months.


Sorry for such a crappy chapter! It gets better I swear! I've been swamped with this bullshit of a place called school and let me tell you, I think it's about time I drop out and become a stripper.

Did you know on average they make $150,000 a year?!?? BRUH. I'll try to update like twice a week if I can!

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