you're such a liar!

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"I can't tell you. I want to tell you, but I just can't." He stated.

"I don't care if you can't or not, the only reason why I wanted, or would talk to you was to get the truth out of you, but that obviously isn't happening, so I have nothing more to talk to you about."

You left him speechless. He paused for a moment then looked back at you.

"I really can't tell you..." He said looking down.

"You're such a liar! You can tell me but you won't. Eveybody has a choice. I already said if you don't want to tell me, then stop talking to me. Simple." He fell quiet again.

The both of you didn't talk for the rest of the hour. You ignored him even though he was staring you down almost the entire time. He really knows how to piss people off.


After the bell rings you pack up your stuff and decide to go meet up with Tate. You walk around the outside of the school for awhile till you see him coming out of the building...with a girl.

You walk up to them.

"...hey" you said while glancing at the female.

"Hey...oh- this is Artemis, my brothers girlfriend."

You felt a wave of relief once he said "brothers girlfriend" but you dont know why. Were you jealous? Nah that's dumb.

"Hi, I'm Y/N."

"Ohhh~ you're the one Tate has been talking ab-" Tate pushed her face with his hand shutting her up.

"Don't worry she's just messing with you haha..."

"You uh- you wanna go to the diner with me?" You asked while looking at them both.

"Well I have to go meet up with someone, but Tate here is completely free" she said causing Tate to look down and blush.

"I'm gonna get going now, you two have fun!" She waved to you and Tate as her figure dissapeared to her car.

"....we can take my car."

You nodded your head and you both walked to his jeep. You sat down and placed your stuff on the floor. Tate just threw his bag in back seat.

The car ride was dead silent the entire ride. The windows were open, so the wind was slapping you pretty hard. You wanted to speak, but you honestly had no idea what to talk about.

Finally you arrived at the diner. You both walked in and got your seats, and sat down. 

"I'm sorry about Artemis..." He began

"She seems fun" you smiled at him.

"More like a pain in the ass..." He mumbled quietly so you wouldn't hear.

It went silent as you were both staring at your menus. Luckily the waiter broke the silence.

"Hello, I'll be your waiter today, what can I get you to drink?" He asked gazing at you practically with hearts in his eyes.

"Um... I'll have a chocolate milkshake" you looked up at the waiter then glanced at Tate. Tate was staring the waiter down like he was gonna kill him any second. You looked back at the waiter who didn't seem to notice Tate, but instead just kept looking you directly in the eyes. You looked down in embarrassment.

"I'll have a Dr. Pepper with no ice."

The waiter and Tate were having war with their eyes.

"That's it. Thank you." You said breaking the tension.

"Of course. I'll have your drinks right out." He smiled and winked at you before he left.

"I can't believe he did that. He can clearly see you're with somebody!" Tate said raising his voice while maintaining eye contact with you.

"with somebody?"

Ayyy I'm only posting this right now because I started working ahead on the other chapters so now I can just post one daily or every other day depending on how far ahead I am with the chapters, but thanks for waiting on me😊💜💜💜💜

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