Marriage, In name only Part seventeen

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Marriage, In name only?

Part seventeen

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mark and I spent a lot of time together the first few days just making love. But we both decided to go out and get things for the baby.

"Mark. Do you remember Kyle?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Faith says he is a construction worker or something like that. Any way do you think he could add a extra room onto the house for us?"

"I never even thought about that. An extra room that is. I could call and talk to Steve to see if he could ask Kyle to come over and do an estimate for us."

"That would be wonderful if he could."

"I'll call later when we get home. But for now what crib to you like best?" Mark said pointing to the dark wood one or the white one.

" I like the dark wood. It seems much nicer than the plain white one."

"Good I think so too! Do we want to get the changing table also?"

"Yes and the dresser there also. If I know Mom and Dad we will have so many clothes for the baby we will have no room at all."

"I'll have to call Steve right away then."

"Oh I forgot I have Kyle's number at home."

"How?" He asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

"After you had been missing for awhile he called the house to offer help if I ever needed it. He had said that Faith was like a sister to him and he just wanted to offer him self also."

"Oh, Well that was nice of him."

"Don't be upset Mark. He was just being a friend."

"Did it show that much?"

"A little." I replied looking up into his eyes. He smiled and kissed me.

"I love you."

"And I love you too!"

"Lets go shopping for more baby things."

By the time we finished we had a truck full. Really we did. We went to Stella's to eat and talked to Rebecca who wants to be called by her middle name Lynn now. She is starting up her business soon and wants to be a new woman.

"Mark it is so glad to see you." Rebecca said when she saw him.

"Thanks you too!"

"Are you happy about becoming a Father?"

"Yes very happy and to have a woman like Carla is also great. I could never have believed that I would marry such a wonderful woman like her in my life."

"That's so good to hear. Now what would you like to eat." We quickly gave her our orders.

I saw her face as she replied to him. She was happy for him and I. However, I could feel her pain that Kaylee did not have her father around. And Rebecca's had kicked her out of the house when she told him about the baby.

Mark and I ate and then headed home. After unloading all the baby stuff. We just put it in the bedroom for now not bothering to set it up just yet. Maybe Kyle could tell us how soon he could build the extra room.


"I'm out on the back porch." I walked out to find him sitting on the steps.

"I found Kyle's number for you."

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