12 - Boxing

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Two days.

Two days since I won that humongous teddy bear from the arcade.

Two days since I shot a sort of gun.

Two days since I smiled.

And I couldn't help but stop.

Axel has been making me feel better non stop throughout this weekend and all I've been doing is smiling. The feeling was so irregular to me that I wasn't even sure if I were doing it right, but soon I didn't even care what I looked like while I was smiling. It's just so natural and I love the feeling of it on my face; if only I could be sharing it with my father.

I twirl the key around my neck and bite my lip at the thought of him again. He was like my superhero; always protecting, such a role model, and always there to save my day. My father is everything to me and it still hurts to know that my everything is gone, but I know that he wants me to be strong.

I looked around at the boxing gym Axel brought me to- wait no- I begged him to bring me to. Just because Axel lifts my mood a little more than before doesn't mean I'm not still paranoid about Merideth. Jack seemed so certain when he told Axel he'd regret hitting him, and ever since then my guard has been high up and I never go anywhere without Axel.

The good thing about all of this though is that my ribs are almost fully healed, Shannon just told me to sleep another night and then I'll be as good as new. She even said I could do a little physical activity but I didn't think much of it, well, until now.

"You just have to promise me that you won't do anything stupid, okay babe?" Axel asked worriedly.

I rolled my eyes at him and nodded my head, "Okay, but can we go inside now. We can't stay in this car forever," I retorted.

Axel was dressed in black basketball shorts and a black loose muscle shirt that showed his perfectly toned biceps. He had black Nike shoes and his tanned skin was glowing and I couldn't help but admire the veins that were on his forearms. And I'm not gonna lie, veins on a guy's arm are so fucking hot I don't care what you say.

I was dressed in a normal pair of leggings with black converse and a white T-shirt that stopped at my elbows. My bruises were fully gone now and my cuts were hardly noticeable, I almost looked normal for a change.

I didn't plan on doing any activity today except for stick with Axel this whole day. I wasn't going to be alone no matter what, even if he were going to go to the gym.

"Ok, let's go," he said as he got out the car. I got out the same time as him and we both walked in to the gym side by side. I looked up to Axel to see his hard and cold expression, it made my heart skip a beat honestly but I didn't show it. Many men made a clear path for the both of us and I guess it was because they were intimidated by Axel's aura, some even looked at me as if I were crazy but I didn't care.

Axel set his duffel bag down and I plugged in my earphones and played on my phone. My hair covered my face so Axel couldn't see that my bruises were clearing up, that I looked more ugly without the bruises decorating my face. They're all almost gone actually, you only notice them if you're close enough.

Axel started doing his stretches and I soon abandoned my phone to look around at the gym. Boxing gloves were in glass cabinets for selling, trophies were on top of them, and medals hung around the walls. Punching bags of different sizes hung from the chains and racks of different weights sat in the corner. A lot of hooks held different sizes of jump rope and many, many more.

But what really caught my eye was the large ring that sat in the corner. Men were fighting and I pointed out so many flaws in their positions. There was a group of different fighters watching them eagerly; debating on who was going to win.

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