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Sadie wasn't even a year old the night her uncommon journey started; not even a year, when the bubbly baby girl vanished out of her bed in the dead of a rainy April's night in 1981 and was never seen again.

Like literally never seen again. Because Sadie was invisible.



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It was her eleventh birthday. Sadie had awaited this day with mixed up feelings for all those years she had watched young witches and wizards come and leave those castle walls she called her home.

She knew she was a witch. She'd done magic. Blimey, she herself was magic! Not even Sadie herself had seen her own reflection in the mirror for her whole life. Yes, Sadie knew, she was a witch.

Nevertheless, she wouldn't receive her Hogwarts letter. Because Sadie didn't exist.

Okay, of course she did exist. Her bare feet met the cold floor, as she swung her legs out of the bed, just like she did every morning for as long as she could walk. The light was dim, but her eyes were perfectly capable of seeing every detail in here; what wasn't all that much. A couple of toys on a shelf, several books piled in the corner next to a simple wooden bed with a ridiculously comfortable mattress.

Sadie was used to the darkness. Her home was Hogwarts castle - or to be exact: the spaces between the thick castle walls, where barely light came in. Sometimes, Sadie found a crack or a small hole, so she could watch the students pass the hallways, or listen to lessons. Her favourite, by far, was in fact Transfiguration, and in her dreams she so often turned herself into a bird, just to fly away and see something else than the inside of what people thought were solid walls.

But that, and she knew perfectly well, her uncle Severus would never allow.

Severus Snape was a stringent man. He soon explained a young Sadie why she had to stay hidden. She knew it was dangerous to reveal herself.

"People wouldn't understand, Sadie", he had told her. "They would be afraid of you. Maybe they would even lock you away. You don't want to be locked away, do you?"

Of course she didn't want to. Uncle Severus had told her about Azkaban and Dementors and all the bad people being locked up in there. She didn't want to be one of those.

So she didn't get her Hogwarts letter. She didn't visit Diagon Alley for buying a wand. She wasn't sorted into one of the four houses, leaving her guessing where she might belonged to.

And another four years passed her by, having her watching lessons through cracks in walls, listening to conversations with her ears pressed against cold stone, but never having anyone besides her uncle to tell anything like that herself. No one.

It bothered her. It had bothered her all along, and of course it did, after watching all those people her age become friends and fall in love, while she knew she never would experience any of this.

Because Sadie didn't exist.

HOMENUM REVELIO → A HARRY POTTER STORYstarted: O8/O6/2O19state: ongoing

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started: O8/O6/2O19
state: ongoing

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